Attendance Policy and Truancy


School Hours- Program Day 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 or 3:10 Dismissal

Doors open at 7:50 a.m. and close at 8:00 a.m. All K-4 students arriving after 8:00 a.m. will be marked tardy and parents must enter the front door to sign in your child. We want all children to be properly supervised and safe, and appreciate you abiding by the drop off and pick up times. Parents may choose a 3:00 dismissal or a 3:10 P.M. dismissal at the end of each day. All parents should stay in their cars and quickly allow children to go with the attendant on duty in the parking lot for better traffic flow for all.

ALWAYS have your car tag displayed on your windshield to assist us in the car line traffic. For the first couple weeks of school, as we get to know you and your children, please have your Photo ID ready for our staff to request if we are not yet familiar with you.

For safety reasons: ALL CHILDREN need to be placed in the BACK SEAT morning and afternoon and seat belted in before moving out of the parking lot. There may be patrol checks throughout the year for safety.

Please be aware that we will direct traffic as best as possible. There will be two cars turning out at once so NO ONE may go around cars-please be patient.

Right turns only out of each parking lot whether it is Red, Yellow, or Blue.

Children need to be seated behind the driver for easy door to door safety directly into the building. No child should be in the front seat or on the opposite passenger side door to avoid walking in traffic.

When leaving early from school:

Parents or authorized adults picking up children before scheduled dismissal times must come in the front doors and sign the “Sign Out” Sheet. Children will only be released to an authorized adult. Please notify us in writing if your child will be picked up by an adult that is not listed on the authorization form. We are not able to release a child to an individual that is not listed in writing as authorized to pick up the child from the program. The staff will ask for identification if the adult is unfamiliar. All children must be signed out before leaving school outside of the 3:00 dismissal time.

When calling your child off school: Call (234) 718-2626

All absences are to be verified by a call to the school, from a parent or guardian. If your child is ill, has an appointment, or will not be coming to school for any reason, please call the main office at school and report your child’s absence. You may also leave a message on the office voicemail. When you call, please provide your child’s name, teacher name, and reason for absence. If we do not hear from you on a day in which your child is not in attendance, you will receive a call from us by 9:00 a.m.


A student who has an excused absence has the opportunity to make up any work missed at school. The make-up work must be completed within the same number of days as the student was absent. Please help the teacher arrange make-up work so that your child can be given every opportunity to learn. The teacher is not responsible to provide work if families choose to take vacation when school is in session.

Board Policy No. 4201

Attendance, Absence, & Truancy

The School’s educational program requires students to be continuously present so the student may receive instruction and actively participate in the educational process. In accordance with Ohio law, the School requires attendance of all students enrolled in the School during the days and hours the School is in session. To be considered in attendance, a student must be either within the School facilities or in place where School is in session by the Governing Authority’s authority.

Parental Responsibility & Procedure for Reporting Absences

A student’s parents or guardians are primarily responsible for a student’s attendance at school. Should a student be absent, the student’s parent or guardian is required to notify the School on the day the student is absent unless previous notification has been given in accordance with the School procedure regarding excused absence. The School is also required to notify a student’s parents or guardian when the student is absent from school. Notice shall be provided by telephone or written notice. To facilitate policy, parents or guardians must provide the School with their current home, work, and/or cellular telephone numbers; home address; and emergency telephone numbers.

In case a student is absent, the procedure for reporting absences should be as follows:

• The parent must call the School within the first hour that the School is in session to report the student’s absence.

• If a parent fails to call the School, school personnel will contact the parent to inform him/her of the student’s absence. If telephone communication cannot be made, the School shall send a written communication to the home of the guardian on the date of the student’s absence.


Excused Absences. The Governing Authority recognizes the following absences as excused:

• the student’s physical or mental illness;

• instruction at home from a person qualified to teach the student due to a child’s disability;

• illness in the family necessitating the student’s presence;

• serious illness or death in the family;

• observing religious holidays and consistent with the student’s truly held beliefs;

• medical or dental appointment;

• college visitation;

• quarantine;

• required court appearance;

• inability of the parent to employ help in the parent’s family business;

• farm work of the parent or guardian at necessary times; or

• emergency or other circumstances the School determines reasonable.

If the student is absent or will be absent for one of the above reasons, the student must provide a written note upon returning/prior to leaving the School or the absence will be considered unexcused. The statement must be from a parent and explain the cause for absence. At his or her sole discretion, the Head Administrator or his/her designee may investigate each individual absence. A student, whose extended absence is due to a medically-documented physical or mental impairment, will not be disciplined. As provided by law, such students may be entitled to receive an education tailored to their individual needs or abilities.

Limited Excuse Absence. Students absent solely to participate in an out-of-state School-approved activity shall constitute a limited excused absence. Limited excuse absences are to be treated as an excused absence provided: (1) the absences are limited to a maximum of four days per school year, (2) the student must complete any missed classroom assignments, (3) and if the activity will cause the student to be absent for four or more consecutive school days, teachers must accompany the student for instructional assistance.

Unexcused Absence. A student’s absence is unexcused if it is not an excused or limited excused absence. A student who is repeatedly has unexcused absences will be subject to disciplinary action.

Tardiness. A student is tardy when a student is more than five minutes late for school or is late for the start of class. If student misses more than half a class, the student shall be considered absent for the class. A student who is repeatedly tardy will be subject to disciplinary action.


The School recognizes two types of truancy: habitual truancy and chronic truancy.

Habitual Truancy – a student is absent without a legitimate excuse for any of the following:

• five (5) or more consecutive school days, or

• seven (7) or more school days in one (1) month, or

• twelve (12) or more school days in one (1) year.

If a student is habitually truant and the parents or guardians have failed to cause the student’s attendance at school, the Governing Authority authorizes the Head Administrator or his or her designee to inform the student and his or her parents of the truancy record and the Governing Authority’s intent to notify the Judge of the Juvenile Court of the student’s truancy. The Head Administrator is also authorized to establish an intervention strategy, which may include a truancy intervention program, counseling or a parent education program for parents of students who are habitually truant. Parents who are assigned but do not complete the program shall be reported to enforcement authorities for neglect of parent education, a fourth class misdemeanor if found guilty.

Chronic Truancy – a student is absent without legitimate excuse for

• seven (7) or more consecutive school days, or

• ten (10) or more School days in one (1) month, or

• fifteen (15) or more School days in one (1) year.

If a child is chronically truant and the parents or guardians have failed to cause the child’s attendance at school, the Governing Authority shall file a complaint in the appropriate juvenile court pursuant to R.C. 3321.22. The complaint shall be filed jointly against the child and the parent, guardian, or other person having care of the child. The complaint shall allege that the child is a delinquent child for being a chronic truant and that the appropriate parent and/or guardian has violated section 3321.38 of the Revised Code.

A student who is habitually truant or chronically truant will be excused for the absences if it is determined that: (1) the student was enrolled in another school, or (2) the student’s absence was excused by law or this policy, or (3) the student has received an age and schooling certificate.

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