Welcome to S.C.O.P.E. Academy

Our History

In 2008, the Greater Summit County Early Learning Center (locally known as S.C.O.P.E. Academy) opened as a Public Conversion School within Springfield Township in Akron, Ohio.  It was established to serve as a free, full-day early learning center,  demonstrating an innovative 21st century framework for early learners in grades K-2 across Ohio.   The school was designed by instructional leaders, dedicated to implementing research based driven practices that honor the learning process through purposeful real-life application for early learners. 

The main goal at inception, remains at the forefront today;  to serve as an open lab setting for others to visit and participate in the teaching and learning practices, to build strong collaboration that will transform educational practices locally, nationally, and internationally, and to serve as a school of choice for families.  We studied how environments  that are intentional and thoughtful in their setup build perseverance, stamina, and engagement in learners. Our goal then and now wraps around meaningful project-based work that reflects real-life application and problem solving, and gives learners voice and choice.   

Over time, our families, business partners, and universities, encouraged the center to expand its grade offerings to provide an even stronger and longer experience.  Those requests, led us to our present day K-4 school, that emphasizes S.T.E.A.M. principles through Project-Based Learning as a place for visible teaching and visible learning.  A place where it is  clear and visible to the instructional leaders and the learners, what they are learning, where they are in the phases of their learning, what their goals are and "how" they will meet and evidence them to themselves and others.  

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Who We Are

S.C.O.P.E. Academy's Kindergarten through 4th grade instructional staff deliver an integrated curriculum where content is connected intentionally in an interdisciplinary design. Our trained staff plans together and continuously reflects, revises, and assesses how their teaching is impacting the learning.  Together they carefully plan for a daily curriculum that places a rich emphasis on project-based work where students are able to apply and build skills daily in the S.T.E.AM. method of incorporating science, technology, engineering, art,  and math as they research, problem solve, and create solutions as they work.  Students and instructional leaders or guardians, together design an integrated pathway of learning to utilize individual interests and talents.  Integration of content areas connect all learning to real-world problems, so students discover ways to impact each other and the larger community.  The real power of STEAM lies in the integration of the subject areas, so learners begin to see "how" the concepts and skills from different disciplines, work together to help them answer intriguing questions.

Our staff engages in guided facilitation, observation, interaction, and data collection to oversee children's learning opportunities, based on their interests and align with the targeted weekly outcomes/standards for individual growth and development. The adopted curriculum emphasizes the use of routine and planned activities to work on selected goals and objectives by integrating them into the child's daily activities and life experiences. Children also have the opportunity to engage in enriched learning experiences that emphasize speech and debate, dance, music, art, technology and physical education, gross motor times are embedded throughout the day, as well as during weekly classes. Our libraries; Literary Book Nook, and Informational Retreat are open to children all day, everyday, for them to access resources needed to find the answers to their research driving questions, find a book for pleasure, or delve deeper into an author study.  

We must be future ready by providing educational practices that prepare our students for their world, through 21st century implementation and opportunities.  It is these goals, endeavors and achievements of our staff that help move us forward in understanding the important focus of stretching our school to an even better place for children, emphasizing their ability to be competitive through their skills in collaboration, communication, problem solving, curiosity, creativity, and risk-taking as they become independent learners in an interdependent world.  Our staff serve as guardians to all student learning. They possess a deep commitment to understanding and reflecting on the impact they have on learning.  We truly believe that coming together as a community of  professionals delivering meaningful work to benefit children, and evaluating our work and our impact, is the key to our organizational success!

We look forward to sharing our program with you and your child.

For more information, to request an enrollment packet or to schedule a visit to our school, please email our administrative assistant at: jenniferh@cybersummit.org.

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