Queen Charlotte College arranges Homestay accommodation with local host families providing students with the advantage of a friendly, supportive family environment. Students are not permitted to go flatting, and must board or homestay in a school approved home.

Our Homestay Co-ordinator maintains ongoing liaison with parents and ensures the well being of international students. Queen Charlotte is very proud of its student support network. An International Student Co-ordinator also provides support for our International students.


All students who study at Queen Charlotte College must be homestayed. The school believes this is in the best interests of the students. Academic progress is enhanced when students are continually exposed to the use of the English language and greater study time is available within a homestay environment.

Homestays are arranged for the student by the Homestay Co-ordinator employed by the College. Students must fill out a ‘Student Profile’ prior to their arrival in New Zealand to assist the Homestay Co-ordinator in finding a suitable family.

Special rules apply to students in homestays. Please read your homestay guidelines, rules and contract very carefully when you receive them.


The school employs a Homestay Co-ordinator whose job it is to select and monitor homestay carers for international students. The focus is on finding families who will provide a safe physical and emotional environment.


Homestay is organised by the International Co-ordinator. All prospective homestays are inspected, host families interviewed and references checked. The students are met by the host family on arrival in Picton. Every effort is made to meet students at the Ferry terminal or either Picton or Blenheim airports. Transport and reception will always be arranged for students on arrival.

The International Student Co-ordinator meets with all the students regularly and also when any student wishes to discuss any urgent matters in an emergency. The Student Co-ordinator also keeps regular contact with the host family to ensure that students are settled and as happy as possible.

Students studying at the College must use the homestay service provided by the College. Picton is a small town and homestay placement can take some time. Students need to give two weeks notice of arrival to ensure homestay placement. If students wish to change homestay during the year a fee for replacement will be charged. Moves are usually conducted during the school holidays or on long weekends.

For their homestay fees, students will receive a fully furnished room, complete with study table and lamp, all their meals, linen and laundry requirements. Students are encouraged to join in with host family activities. Please refer to the homestay brochure.

Students may not make national or international phone calls, unless they have prior permission from the host family, or can reverse the charges to their parents. Local calls from private phones are free.

Parents who wish to discuss concerns about their children’s homestay may contact the International Co-ordinator. (Phone: +64 3 573 6558 or Fax: +64 3 573 6559). Pastoral care and counselling services with the International Student Co-ordinator, Guidance Counsellor and the Deans are also available for students if the need arises.


  • All homestay carers will be Police vetted.
  • The Homestay Co-ordinator will make an assessment of the homestay carer’s ability to provide suitable accommodation and appropriate physical and emotional support and guidance.
  • The school provides guidelines and a support structure for homestay providers, through the Homestay Co-ordinator.
  • The Homestay Co-ordinator will carry out ongoing monitoring of the homestay families. This involves a physical visit to each student’s home at least once a term.
  • The Homestay Co-ordinator will meet with each student a minimum of two times a term or as the need arises, to assess the student’s happiness and well being.


1. A profile of homestay carers must be compiled. This needs to include:

  • Full names of all residents
  • Address and contact phone numbers
  • Occupations
  • Information of relevance (description of home, family interests etc)

2. All caregivers are provided with copies of policies and guidelines relating to the care of students.

3. Information about the homestay family must be provided to the Homestay Co-ordinator in order for the student’s family and agent to be fully informed about arrangements for the student’s care.