Marlborough, NZ


Situated at the top of the South Island of New Zealand, Marlborough is endowed with a breath-taking beauty. Its mist-hazed hills and crystal clear waterways change dramatically with the ceaseless procession of the seasons.


Picton boasts a temperate climate in the summer, and while the winter often sees frosty mornings, this is followed by lovely sunny days. There are four distinct seasons: a hot dry summer peaking in February, a cooler autumn, a clear and crisp winter and then a milder, moister spring. New Zealand homes have fires, heaters and electric blankets to make winter time a pleasant experience. Even in winter, Picton skies are blue and the warm clothes you put on in the morning will be too hot by lunchtime. The sun is very strong in New Zealand and you will need to use a sun-screen to protect your skin. You can buy these from supermarkets or the pharmacy.