Head Students

Erin Bunt

Head Girl

Kia ora e te whanau

Wow..!! It has been an amazing journey since I started here in Year 7. I am extremely proud of Queen Charlotte College and the amazing team running the school and the Rangatahi who make being Head Girl feel so special and I feel so proud and honoured by all the support this whanau has.

I never thought I would be Head Girl. It was never one of my goals. My goal was just to pass NCEA Level 1-3. I was lucky if I even passed as I struggle with school work. It was halfway through last year when I realized how many Rangatahi looked up to me. I wanted to show them that you can achieve anything especially with the support this whanau provides.

My main focus will be to bring the school closer together and to work as a team. I want to make sure the students have a voice, that their opinion is heard and they have the freedom to express themselves with all the support they need to succeed.

This year it will be great to work with Solomon and the Student Council. For me personally, I would love to leave QCC knowing that the students gain skills and confidence and that they have the freedom to express themselves.

Poipoia te kakano kia puawai. (Nurture the seed and it will blossom.)

Solmon Somerville

Head Boy

Back in Year 7 when I first came to Queen Charlotte College, the thought never crossed my mind that I wanted to become Head Boy. Before I attended QCC, I had attended Koromiko School, which ended up closing down due to insufficient students and I went directly to QCC the year after. At this point coming from a small school I wasn't expecting much but as I came to QCC I found a whānau. With welcoming students and teachers alike I felt at home and I have ever since. I am honoured to be in this position and I hope, with the help of Erin and the Student Council we will make sure everyone is happy and works towards their goals. This year my main focus as Head Boy is to encourage the school to be as involved with the environment as possible, with hopes of turning QCC into a enviro-school, and ingraining the want for environmental care into our junior students especially. This year I hope that my leadership encourages young students to step into important roles, and that as a role model I am a person who students can both relate to and aspire to be like. I am excited to be working alongside Erin and know that together we will be able to take on any challenge that is on it’s way in 2019!