Aramoana House

AJG Janet Greenhough

ARE  Renee Eynon

ARB Richard Baker

ADF  Danielle Farry

Rangatira House

RSA Sharon Alvey

RNi Dianna Nicholson

RSP Shane Pickles

RTB Taryn Beattie

Tamahine House

TEM Emma Maycroft

TLW Liana Wheeler-Gibbons

TTT Toni Taylor

TAS Andy Sykes


Dave Nicholson

Aramoana House Dean

Kia Ora Koutou. My name is David Nicholson. I started teaching here in 1999 as Head of the Physical Education department and assistant science teacher. I have been involved in the sports and EOTC programme because this was my area of expertise at Christchurch teachers training college after graduating from Otago University. I have three children, two at Queen Charlotte College, and firmly believe that a coeducational college of this size in a supportive community can offer the best opportunities for a student to develop the skills and aptitude to succeed at anything after leaving school.

Michael Garbes

Rangatira House Dean

Janine Sorensen

Tamahine House Dean


Belinda Mataele

Year 7/8 Hub Lead



TIC - Mr Campbell Hart


SENCO – Ms Janine Sorensen


TIC- Ms Julie Bousquet

Student Leadership


The student council is a collaboration of different individuals and personalities that each offer a unique contribution, to benefit the students of Queen Charlotte College. The student council provides students with a challenging leadership role within the school, allowing them to demonstrate ownership and develop their skills as leaders. Already, the council committees have come together, each forming their own ambitions to contribute to a productive school year. This year, as a council, our main priority is to ensure that the concerns and needs of the school body are voiced to the teachers and senior management, resulting in action. Ultimately, the council this year wants to set a legacy; collectively we can achieve great things. Ake Tonu – Never Give Up.


The Peer Support Team is a group dedicated to helping others. They are the school body’s shoulder to lean on. These students have been trained to deal with many issues that teenagers may be faced with. Each student possesses his/her own unique skills that allow them to attend to many different situations they may encounter with certain areas being stronger than others.


Head student - AKE  

Head student - AKE  

Deputy Head student  

Deputy Head student  

BOT representative  

Cultural & Tikanga  

Cultural & Tikanga  

Cultural & Tikanga  

Sport & wellbeing  

The Arts  


Community service  


Media and comms  

Social and recreation  

House Leaders 

House leader Rangatira  

House leader Rangatira  

House leader Aramoana  

House leader Aramoana  

House leader Tamahine  

House leader Tamahine