OzoBlockly gives you the power to fully control your Ozobot's movement and behavior. OzoBlockly offers five modes from "Pre-Reader" with icon-based blocks, to "Master" with support for many functions and other advanced programming concepts. Get started by going to www.ozoblockly.com

OzoBlockly User Interface

Lesson Tips:

  • Make sure to select "Evo" in the top left of the OzoBlockly screen (see image on right)
  • Make sure your screen is at 100% brightness when attempting to upload
  • Ozobot recommends starting with Basic Training, or the Shape Tracer games.
  • In OzoBlockly, students can learn by trying out the Examples and then modifying them. (Each example could be a separate lesson.)
  • Each step= 1 cm.
  • To find out what a block does, click on it while the Glossary is open and it will show the description. Or right-click on a block and select Help from the dropdown menu.
  • When using pre-programmed light effects, like police car or disco, Ozobot remains stationary. You can however use the top light effect at the same time as movement.
  • Ozobot remains stationary when using Sounds.
  • You can duplicate a block by right-clicking or by selecting the block and clicking on the Duplicate at the bottom (looks like 2 rectangles).
  • When you click Load, it gives you an estimate of how much time it will take to load. The Lights effects increase the time substantially.
  • To delete blocks, you can right-click on an individual block to select delete, or drag blocks to the trash can. You can right-click on the workspace/background to get the option to delete all blocks. You can also select a block and click Backspace on your keyboard.
  • If the Shape Tracer game remembers the last student that played, you can Reset the game by going to the Settings gear.

Quick Start Lessons:

Follow the lesson sequences below to get your students started using OzoBlockly!

More Lesson Ideas

  • After students learn the basics of OzoBlockly, challenge them to build mazes and then program the Ozobot to get through the maze or have several Ozobots race through the maze.
  • Build a ramp. Program the Ozobot to go up the ramp. Find the minimum speed required to get up the ramp. Adjust the angle of the ramp to find the Ozobot's limitations.
  • Use Ozobots to review angles or measurement. (use graph paper to help scaffold planning)