Career Pathways

The Career Pathways initiative is a series of courses designed to help students increase their knowledge about occupations and careers that may be of interest to them. By participating in a pathway, students will be better prepared academically for college and will acquire the skills needed to compete in the labor market.

Many of the pathways provide an opportunity for students to earn college credit(s) through the Community College System of New Hampshire or with Southern New Hampshire University. Additionally, students in a pathway will be invited to participate in field trips, attend guest lectures, and other academic experiences geared specifically to their career interest.

It is never too early to think about your future. A pathway will allow you to take a series of courses to help you decide about your career choice prior to the expense of college. The benefits to students include:

            • Increases academic motivation by taking courses relevant to future plans
            • Allows students to have the opportunity to explore career interests while in high school
            • Prepares students for the transition to college and/or a career
            • Provide students with the opportunity to take college courses while in high school

Students are required to complete an application in order to enroll in a pathway and entry requirements will vary. Ideally, students should apply in the second semester of their freshman year to benefit fully.

We invite you to explore one of the career paths below. By doing so, you will be connected to related courses and develop the skills needed to be successful in a career.