2020-2021 Pelham High School Program of Studies

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,

Our 2020-2021 Program of Studies outlines the diverse and challenging opportunities offered at Pelham High School. The more attention and commitment you make to plan your courses, the more personalized and valuable your education will become. I encourage you to take this process seriously and put effort into investigating the many learning experiences available here at Pelham High School.

Pelham High School provides students the opportunity to personalize their course schedule. The selection of courses available is designed to accommodate the many interests and diverse needs of our students. This plan of study should be a product of the collaboration between the student, parents, and the school counselor.

As a small school, the data collected during the course selection process is invaluable. We run courses based on student interest. Our master schedule and number of sections offered in each course are dependent on the accuracy and collection of this data.

We are excited for the upcoming school year. Our overall goal is to develop a personalized education plan that supports the interests of the student. The Program of Studies is a valuable tool to use in the process.

Dawn M Mead


Pelham High School