2019-2020 Program of Studies

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The 2019-2020 Program of Studies is the guiding document used to assist students and parents in developing a personalized educational plan. The overall goal of personalized learning is for each and every student to take an active role in developing an educational plan that addresses individual needs and interests. Please take the course selection process seriously as resources are allocated based on the data gathered from student’s selections. It is important that the data is accurate. For example, if twenty-four students signed up for a particular class, administration would typically assign one section. If later an additional group of students wanted to sign up for the class there would be no available slots. I would also like to encourage parents and students to contact their respective school counselor if they have questions regarding recommended courses. The changes implemented over the last couple of years were designed to offer more flexibility for students to develop the individual plan that meets their specific needs. I am proud of this document and hope that students use it as a tool to assist them in reaching their individual educational goals.

Thank you,

Gary Dempsey


Pelham High School