Academic Supports

Academic Center

The Academic Center is a quiet space that is used for students to work on alternative methods of earning academic credits and for testing purposes. Students who wish to take courses through an extended learning opportunity and/or online programs may do so after consultation with their school counselor and approval of the Academic Review Committee.


During the school day, students will be provided an opportunity to seek academic support, participate in enrichment activities, or take advantage of the opportunity to get caught up with school work. Snake Break is designed to provide personalized and individualized opportunities for students and teachers to address concerns; to help students recover grades; and to enable students to enrich their learning by challenging themselves with academic or co-curricular activities. Academic departments will provide extra help to students by re-explaining concepts and providing time to make up work. Additional benefits include workshops and guest speakers hosted by the College and Career Guidance Department; peer tutoring and mentoring sessions; and school assemblies to lessen interruptions and loss of instructional time. All students will have an adult mentor for all four years of high school to help address concerns and schedule support.


Students experiencing academic difficulty should seek help from their teachers. Many academic departments routinely provide extra help after school on certain days of the week. Students may also arrange for tutoring by other students through the Math Honor Society, English Honor Society, and National Honor Society.

Library Media Center

The Media Center’s goal is to provide resources and materials that are supportive of students’ intellectual freedom and to act as an extension to the classroom. The Media Center provides access to materials and information beyond traditional textbooks such as databases, magazines, eBooks, audio books, along with a wide variety of non-fiction and fiction books. Since many of these resources are available online, information can be accessed outside of school hours, allowing students to work at their own pace. These resources also allow students to develop their critical thinking skills, refine their depth of knowledge and further their academic interests. Students also use the Media Center as a peer-tutoring location before school hours.