Life Sciences Pathway

Life sciences or biological sciences is a branch of science that involves the study of life and organisms. The life sciences pathway is designed to prepare students for a career focusing in field and laboratory research. In addition to three (3) required STEM academic courses, students will learn the basic molecular, biological, and chemical concepts related to organisms and that are used in different career opportunities. Through a hands-on laboratory approach using equipment, specimens, and research students will study that classification of life, ecology, the structure of organism, DNA, and animal and plant biology.

Honor Cord Requirements for the STEM Pathway

An honor cord signifying your academic achievement in the STEM Pathway will be awarded to students who complete the following requirements:

            • Completion of required and elective courses in the STEM Pathway with an overall 3.0 GPA
            • Minimum overall 2.5 GPA in all high school courses
            • Participate in an approved extended learning opportunity