Engineering, Engineering Technologies, & Pre-Engineering Pathway

Students should participate in the Engineering, Engineering Technologies and Pre-engineering Pathway if they like to design products and systems and have an interest in solving problems. The pathway is designed to place a focus on science, math, and engineering-related course work. In addition, students are encouraged to participate on the Robotics Team. Students should select one of the following engineering pathways to increase their knowledge in courses that are typically required in college:

Engineering: Engineers apply the principles of science and mathematics to develop solutions to problems. Engineers will need a bachelor degree for employment and can choose from a variety of specialties including electrical, mechanical, chemical, civil, computer hardware, materials, industrial, and many more.

Engineering Technologies: Engineering technicians may assist engineers in research and development or work in quality control, inspecting products and processes, conducting tests, and collecting data. Some engineering technicians work in manufacturing, sales, construction, and maintenance. A two-year associate degree is required to work as an engineering technician.

Pre-Engineering: Pre-Engineering degrees are intended to introduce students to the engineering profession and are two-year programs designed to transfer into a four-year degree. If you study pre-engineering, you will begin taking courses in math, physics, chemistry, and engineering aimed to provide you with a strong foundation for a career as an engineer.

In addition to the three (3) required STEM core courses, students will be studying either the associate degree pathway or the bachelor degree pathway. Each pathway is designed to provide students with experience in courses that are typically required in college

Pre-Engineering or 2 Year Associate Degree

Choose Three (3) Required Courses

Career Path Rate of Growth Educational Experience

Medical Equipment Repairers 5% Associate Degree

Environmental Engineering Technicians 13% Associate Degree

Civil Engineering Technicians 9% Associate Degree

Mechanical Engineering Technician 5% Associate Degree

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Choose Three (3) Required Courses

Career Path Rate of Growth Educational Experience

Computer Hardware Engineers 6% Bachelor Degree

Electrical Engineers 9% Bachelor Degree

Electronics Engineers 4% Bachelor Degree

Mechanical Engineers 9% Bachelor Degree

Chemical and Bio-Medical Engineering

Choose Three (3) Required Courses

Honor Cord Requirements for the Engineering, Engineering Technologies, and Pre-Engineering Pathway

An honor cord signifying your academic achievement in the Engineering, Engineering Technologies, and Pre-Engineering STEM Pathway will be awarded to students who complete the following requirements:

· Completion of required and elective courses in the STEM Pathway with an overall 3.0 GPA

· Minimum overall 2.5 GPA in all high school courses

· Active participation on the PHS FIRST Robotics Team or participate in an approved extended learning opportunity