The Natick Nest

Welcome to the Natick Nest!

The Natick Nest is Natick High School's official student run newspaper! We are a group of students who love to write, whether it be current events, sports, reviews, and more! If that sounds like you, you just might want to come check us out!

We meet every other Tuesday, in room 238, at 2:20, right after school! We'd love for you to drop by!

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About our Staff

Johnny Donovan

Hi! My name is Johnny Donovan and I'm currently a senior and the Editor-in-Chief of the Natick Nest. I've been writing for the newspaper since sophomore year and have worked on articles tackling a variety of topics from indie films, to congressional elections. Outside of the Nest, I'm an active member of Mock Trial, Model UN, and Youth In Philanthropy. If you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact me.

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Jack Shuster

My name is Jack Shuster and I am a Senior here at Natick High School. I am the Editor-in-Chief of the Natick Nest. I also have been writing for the Natick Nest since freshman year. In addition to the Natick nest, I play baseball and golf here at the school and I am the captain of the golf team. Please do not hesitate to contact me about anything.

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Khushi Chauhan

I'm Khushi Chauhan and I'm a sophomore here at Natick High. Apart from working with Natick Nest, I'm a huge choir nerd, a part of Retrograde (an a cappella group at Natick High), a member of the Natick Speech team, the VP of the Class of 2022, and a peer advocate. In my free time I watch "Friends" and try my best to play the piano. I'm excited to be a part of Natick Nest and help it grow!

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Samuel Katzman

I'm Sam Katzman and I'm a senior at Natick High. Outside of the Natick Nest, I'm a member of the Wall Street Club, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Fundraising Club, Model UN, and Youth In Philanthropy. In my spare time, I work on elaborate jigsaw puzzles and play baseball.

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Sam Shuster

My name is Sam Shuster and I'm a sophomore at Natick High school. I play Golf, Basketball and Baseball for the school. At the Nest, I am a sports editor and writer. Outside of the newspaper, some of my interests include sports and writing.

The best way to contact me is

Clay Napurano

I'm Clay Napurano, a senior, and the Politics and Culture Editor of the Natick Nest. I am an active participant in theatre, a capella, men's choir, improv, band, and jazz. I have written multiple poems, short stories, prose, and an original musical. I banned plastic straws in Natick High and I am in the process of drafting an ordinance for a local and eventually commonwealth-wide ban on plastic straws. I'm enthralled to be working for the Nest and hope to play a part in growing it this upcoming year.

The best way to contact me is

Natalia Chopur

My name is Natalia and I'm a freshman. I'm writing for the Natick Nest because I want to write more outside of school and learn new skills. English is one of my favorite classes, and I enjoy creative writing and short stories a lot. Outside of school I like to swim competitively, watch tv, and hike.

The best way to contact me is

Diya Sebastian

My name is Diya Sebastian and I'm a freshman here at Natick High. Other than writing for the Natick Nest, I play the tenor sax in the concert band and do martial arts. I also love watching "Grey's Anatomy" and playing volleyball with friends when I'm free. I'm thrilled to be a part of Natick Nest!

The best way to contact me is

Alexa Solomon

I’m Alexa Solomon and I am a junior at Natick High. This is my second year involved with Natick Nest and I am thrilled for another exciting year! Besides Natick Nest, I am a member of with Change the World Club, a member of the JMRC, and involved with many volunteer organizations. In my free time I enjoy going to concerts, longboarding, and spending time with friends.

Questions? Contact me:

Akshaya Ravi

Hello! My name is Akshaya Ravi and I am a freshman at Natick High School. Other than writing for the Natick Nest, I also play soccer and basketball here at the school and do Natick Speech. In my free time, I also like to watch the occasional Netflix show or Youtbe video.

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