Bulldog Blueprint is: a community led master planning program tasked with identifying the current and future goals, aspirations and facility needs of the Mahomet-Seymour CUSD #3 School District.

Charge from the Board of Education

The Mahomet-Seymour Community Schools Board of Education hereby authorizes the formation of a broad-based committee of community members and staff. The charge to this committee is to:

(1) understand the long-term challenges the school district faces regarding facility maintenance and repair including providing cost-effective and functional spaces to accommodate the district’s strategies for curriculum and instruction;

(2) gather community input on how best to address these challenges;

(3) develop a calendar for completion of its work and a report to the Board of Education;

(4) develop branding or a name for its work; and

(5) present a report to the board upon completion of work.

Upcoming Sessions (Fall 2021/Spring 2022)

In person sessions are at Middletown Prairie Elementary Gym from 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Virtual sessions are 6:30pm - 8:00pm

CES #5

November 16, 2021

Virtual November 17

Compare the Scenarios

Review solutions based on community priorities, life cycle costs, functional performance, and cost/benefit throught QLEO analysis.

Select top scenario(s) for final review including final adjustments as necessary.

CES #6

January 11, 2022

Virtual January 13

Select the Plan!

Select final Scenario and/or implementation plan to be considered for presentation to the BOE.

Scenario include masterplan as well as proposed implementation outlining first phase priorities.

Past Sessions (Spring '21 / Fall '21)

CES #1

April 22, 2021

Virtual April 27 / April 29

Where We Are Now

CES #2

June 8, 2021

Virtual June 9 / June 10

Visioning for the Future

CES #3

September 21, 2021

Virtual September 23

Starter Scenarios

Review community-built starter scenarios and introduction of district financing, tax information, and tax impact examples.

Provide feedback and identify additional scenarios or variations to study relative to costs and feasibility.

CES #4

October 19, 2021

Virtual October 21

Refined Scenarios

Review refined solutions based on community feedback and introduction to project costs and tax implications of scenarios.

Provide input and feedback relative to top scenarios for full cost-benefit analysis.