Conformity Science BlockChain-Based Professional Careers

Organization Top Management; Governance, Management & Operations (GMO™) Professional

Organization: Top Management


Chief Fiduciary Officer™

Organization: Governance, Management & Operations (GMO™) Professional


Chief Conformity Officer™

Infrastructure & Development Professional

Trademark Occupation™ Designation

Professional BlockChaineer® P. BCr.®®

Generic Occupation Designation

Organization Conformity Manager

Conformity Scientist

Goods or Services Production Process Conformity Officer

Conformity Plan Architect

Conformity Plan  Designer

Artificial Intelligence  Quality Management Systems Architect Planner 

Artificial Intelligence  Quality Managed Peer-to-Peer Mortgage Broker  Systems Architect Planner 

Conformity Programmer

Conformityware Developer

Conformity Systems-Networks Programmer

Conformity Science Technician

Conformity Process Control Technician

Artificial Intelligence  Quality Managed Peer-to-Peer Mortgage Broker Systems Architect Technician

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Pan-Industry Regulated & Non-Regulated Fiduciary Designation


Federal Standard Fiduciary™

Industry Sector-Specific Regulated and Non-Regulated Professional Designation


Chartered Peer-to-Peer & Private Equity Mortgage Professional

Part of the Accredited Class® Universe of Quality - Standards - Trust™

 Legislator, Regulator & CEO Conformity Handbook: British Columbia (BC), Canada; Finance Sector Edition: Spring 2020

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