Mrs. Chambers' Challenges

A letter to my students:

Dear Leos,
As I sit at home searching the Internet for fun activities to do with my own children during this school closure, I can't help but think about all of your beautiful smiling faces and your genuine love of learning. Every activity I come across makes me think of YOU. So, I thought it would be fun if I share with you the activities that we are doing here in my home, with the hope that it might inspire you to do the same. My intent is to add a new challenge each weekday, but please know that sometimes our day might take an alternate path and I might need to skip a day. I look forward to hearing about how you approach each challenge. Be creative, persevere through challenges, and have fun!

Mrs. Chambers

P.S. We try to do our challenges in the afternoon, after school work is done. So, check back for updates in the late afternoon/evening. My goal is to post at least 3 new challenges each week (M/W/F).

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Friday, March 27th

Build a Mechanical "Hand"

Wednesday, March 25th

Still Life Art

Monday, March 23rd

Make a Board Game

Friday, March 20th

Sidewalk Chalk Art

Thursday, March 19th

Build a Marble Maze

Wednesday, March 18th

Design a Party Hat

Tuesday, March 17th

Build a Rainbow