Resolving Conflict

Occasionally a disagreement or concern may arise concerning particular district, school, or classroom procedures. We believe it is helpful to present school and/or board policy in these cases.

Classroom Concerns

Classroom concerns should be brought to the attention of your child’s teacher first. Most problems can be resolved in a parent-teacher conference. Please keep comments toward and about your child’s teacher positive, particularly when children are present. Please make an appointment to speak with your child’s teacher so you have the time needed to address the concern.

Athletic Concerns

Athletic Concerns should first be brought up with your child's coach. If you feel the issue is not resolved in this way, you should contact Loomis Grammar School's Athletic Director. Contact information can be found on the school website.

Should you feel that the matter has not been resolved after following these steps, please make an appointment to further discuss the matter with a school administrator.

Further action would include a meeting with a school district representative who will handle the matter in accordance with district policy.