Food at School


The school cafeteria will serve a nutritious lunch daily at a cost of $3.00. Milk may also be purchased for 25 cents. Application forms for free or reduced cost lunches may be picked up in the school office. Students who forget either a sack lunch or lunch money will be permitted to call home so arrangements may be made. Students who forget to order a school lunch in the morning may receive a meal that differs from what is listed on the cafeteria menu.

Forgotten lunches can be dropped off in the cafeteria. There is a designated shelf for these lunches and the lunch ladies will have students look for their lunch before charging a hot lunch.

There is a lunch money box and envelopes in the cafeteria, if you want to write a check for multiple lunches. Your check can also be divided between children...just designate how many lunches to which child. If you prefer to pay online, you can open an account on Mealtime Online. Registration requires a PIN number, so please contact Lynn Moore in Food Services at 652-1830 ext. 103 to secure this number before starting the process.


Teachers may provide a time for snacks during the school day. Students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack. Candy and soda are not allowed for snack breaks. Students are responsible for disposing of any litter from their snack and are to eat in designated areas only.

Birthday Treats

If you would like to send a birthday gift for your child’s class you must make arrangements with the classroom teacher beforehand. We encourage families to bring non-food items to celebrate instead of sugary treats. Any food treats presented will need to be done in accordance with our school and district allergy response plan.


Students are allowed to enjoy food and beverages only in designated areas. They will be asked to clean up after themselves. The custodial staff may assist in cleaning, but is not required to clean up messes intentionally left by students.


Gum is not allowed at school unless under the direct supervision of the classroom teacher for a specific occasion.

Food Allergies*

If you child has an allergy, please contact the school nurse.