Eighth Grade Promotion*

Elementary School Minimum Promotion Activity RequirementsBoard Policy 6146.5

The Loomis Union School District has set high standards for participation in promotion activities. In order to participate in the promotion activities (ceremony, field trip and dance) students must meet the following:

Minimum Promotion Activities Requirements

1. Students must average a grade of “D” (1.0 cumulative GPA) or better, in each core subject respectfully, during the eighth grade year (Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Science).

2. Students will have no more than one “F” grade in the third trimester core classes.

3. Students must maintain a school attendance of at least 80% from the time they enroll or attend school during their eighth grade year.

4. Students must maintain satisfactory citizenship and behavior. Students may be excluded from the promotion activities, per principal’s discretion.

5. Students transferring into the district after the start of the school year will be subject to the criteria stated above.

Promotion Ceremony and Dance Dress Code:

Girls: Should wear modest dresses, skirts or pants (no mini-skirts). All tops must have straps (no less than 1”) and be made of sufficient material and opacity to cover the torso. A cami/tank top must be worn under a sheer top to cover the entire torso and undergarments. All pants, skirts or dresses must be made of sufficient material and opacity and adequately cover the student’s body while sitting or standing. Skirts and dresses must extend past the palm. Avoid tight material that inches upward with movement. Long dresses (below mid-calf) are inappropriate for this type of ceremony for safety reasons. No strapless, spaghetti strap or backless (below shoulder blades) dresses may be worn unless worn with a sweater, shawl or cover-up. Girls are not to wear gloves or carry purses during the ceremony. For safety reasons, flats and low heels are recommended.

Boys: Should wear collared dress shirt, tie, solid color dress slacks (navy, khaki, gray or black), and closed toe shoes. Sport coats or sweaters are optional. Tuxedos, hats and denim pants are not to be worn. Boys are expected to wear ties for the promotion ceremony; however, for the promotion dance ties are optional.

If you are unsure of dress code attire, please contact your school principal for clarification.

Limousines are not appropriate for the promotion ceremony or the dance.

Parent Communication of Expectations

Parents will be provided the following information throughout the school year:

1. Progress reports,

2. At risk letters and other communication,

3. Parent conferences.

Grades and promotion eligibility status will be finalized on the Monday prior to promotion activities. Parents of any students not meeting promotion activity requirements will be notified.