Books and supplies


Students will be provided with school textbooks and some materials. Each student is responsible for handling these books and materials in a careful manner. In the case of lost or damaged textbooks, library books, or other school materials, the child will be responsible for replacement costs. Teachers may request that parents provide their child with supplemental school supplies (binders, folders, etc.) that will help to promote organizational skills. Teacher supply lists are posted on Loomis Grammar School’s website and individual teacher websites.

Please note that with our new textbook adoptions, many publishers have created web-based textbooks and resources which may be accessed via home computers/internet. In such cases, students will be provided log-on information that will allow them personal access to these resources from home.


Students will visit the school library during a regularly scheduled time with their classes. Students will be held accountable for returning books or paying for lost books at the end of each grading period and/or the end of the school year.

Report cards, yearbooks, or similar items, may be held for students who have not returned materials and/or paid replacement costs.