Employee Benefits Overview

KTP’s benefits package is focused on CHOICE and OPTIONS, and each employee has the ability to personalize your plan to what works best for your family. Review the benefits summary below for current plan costs and deductible amounts.

KTP offers 4-tiered plan options for all three independent coverage types – Medical, Dental & Vision. You have the option to elect medical without dental, or dental without medical. Voluntary vision remains an independent option.

Employee, Employee + Spouse, Employee + Children, or Family

Optional Flexible Spend Account (FSA) optional with our traditional PPO Medical Plan OR option for High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with optional Health Savings Account (HSA). Learn more about FSA’s, HDHP's and HSA's with the information here.

Eligible new employees are automatically enrolled in our 401(k) plan on the 1st of the month following 60 days of employment. An enrollment packet will arrive to your home address on file prior to your enrollment date. To opt out or make changes to your deferral rate, contact One America directly at 800-858-3829 or online at www.oaretirement.com. Active participants on our 401(k) plan will be automatically stepped-up each November by 1% until you reach 6%. To change your deferrals, request a distribution or loan, or to obtain plan statements, contact One America directly.

Beneficiary forms must be turned in for all employees, for your 401(k) account and company-provided life insurance coverage.

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