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Homecoming 2021

Pomona held it's first rally of the year.

The homecoming rally was the first rally since Covid.

State champion Wrestlers help save soccer team

By Tasha Lobato

Pomona High School state champion wrestlers dove head-first into a brand new sport, in order to save the school's soccer program.

“It was a little difficult because it’s not my sport but in the end it will make me a better soccer player and wrestler,” Senior Jeriamah Steete said.

Jerimah, along with others, like the Cardenas brothers (Daniel, Mark, and Geno), decided that while in pre-season for wrestling a good way to come together as a team and help the school community was to try something new.

Can Panthers pass without Panther Time?

By Caden Soto

Panther Time has been established since 2018, and just like a snap, it's gone. Why would something so beneficial be taken away from students? A class specifically made for students to take advantage of free time and get done with what they need, now gone in an instant.

Previously, the Pomona Perspective questioned Principal Andy Geise on why the student body would choose something that’s more fun, though less important, when kids see direct benefit from Panther Time, especially coming off of a year that was metaphorically bludgeoned by a pandemic.

Long time Panthers want a place of change

By Cassidy Davidson & Asher Beach

Principal Andy Geise along with other teachers and staff would love to see more change in Pomona, not necessarily expansion to the school even though we got new carpeting, paint, tile and a brand new gym but more so psychological changes. Like new support resources and learning resources in classrooms to really help incoming students and those who have been here.

Pomona Staff Members Push Seniors to Get on Track to Graduate.

By Daytona Crosby

Pomona High School Counselor Lainie Thomas sits at her computer hoping the graduation rate to rise and the failed class rate to decrease.

“On average nine-10 percent of students failed a class,” Thomas said about a typical year at Pomona. “ Last year, due to covid it shot up to 18 percent and thanks to COVID, 176 students are in Edgenuity in just juniors and seniors alone,”

Principal Andy Giese and his coworkers were questioned about how the school deals with student dropouts and students who feel like they aren't going to graduate on time.

Student Deal with School and Sports in light of Covid-19

By Allie Levy

What started as a two week vacation from school back in March of 2020 has turned into a virus that has dominated our world for the past 18 months. COVID-19 has especially affected student athletes that have been forced off their normal playing field for over a year. Since coming back, there have been many new changes and athletes are adapting.

Ariel walker runs through high school

By Yashaswi Rai

Ariel Walker, a sophomore at Pomona Senior High, is involved in a range of extracurricular's. She is part of the varsity distance team all year around, in the AP program, and part of the chamber orchestra. Like all high school students, Walker strives to have a balance of her social life, her athletic career and academic life.

Panthers Adjust To New Volleyball Coach

By Alyanna Romero

New Pomona High School’s Level C Coach Jamie Vigil joined Pomona because of the atmosphere.

“ The other coaches and girls have positive energy,” said Vigil, who joined Pomona volleyball in 2021.

Vigil has been playing volleyball since she was 12 years old. She enjoys the sport because she has been playing since she was a girl. When she isn’t coaching here, Vigil is a housekeeper at a new hotel opening next year called The Thompson Denver.

Pomona High School’s Super-fan Always Cheers the Panthers

By Daytona Crosby

Pomona High School’s Super-fan Robert Baker sits in the stands hoping the Panthers would pull the score in Pomona’s favor at a recent softball game.

“I became involved with Pomona High School when my roommate's daughter went to Pomona. She graduated in 2019. Even though no family of mine has gone through Pomona, supporting the school feels nice especially when watching the kids grow in the sport they love,” Baker said.

Pomona Panther Cheers through High School

By Juliet Buckley

Jordan Gonzales is not just any ordinary student.

She is extremely talented in multiple aspects of her life such as illustration and painting, orchestra, athletics, and while she does all of these things she is an extraordinary example of a Pomona High School student. Gonzales, a sophomore, simply does it all and without complaint. Gonzales is known to be very bright and kind. She is known as a dedicated friend and she somehow balances keeping up a flourishing social life and her multiple activities.

People see her as a positive person.

Lange 1 Amaya.pdf

Lange-Kemper Mothers Pomona

By Amaya Ortiz

A role model, a teacher, a mom, a wife, a colleague, a leader, all these can be used to describe such a strong-willed powerful woman. A woman that finishes anything she puts her mind to with such elegance. Gillian Lange-Kemper has been a strong leader for many students.

Custodians Frustrated by ‘Devious Lick’

By Darren Chea

There has been a huge trend on Tiktok where kids have been stealing things from school property. It’s been affecting all of us, the schools, staff, and students. Everyone knows how annoying and unlikely it was.

Community Loss Worries at Pomona

By Sailor Rule

Andy Geise is worried about the Pomona High School community after COVID. Principal Geise knows that having a strong community is a huge part of ‘the high school experience. "I did a lot of community service and played basketball and football," Geise said about his high school experience. This means that from a young age, the sense of unity within a high school is something important to have.

Juniors starting his own car business

By Keenan Schumacher

Junior Julian Iannarilli wants to start his own business. He’s a very ambitious person that isn't afraid to try something new . Something that his family admires about him is he likes the social aspect of school and being able to be around people that are like minded and not a lot of people think that way. Also he feels comfortable around his friends to tell them big things he is thinking of . Also his friends always talk about how funny he is and how kind he can be, like buying his friends lunch and not asking them for money back and that shows the person he is .

John Baskin says Goodbye to Basketball

By Jacob Maldonado

John Baskin is more than just an economics and history teacher. Baskin is a mentor, leader, and a hard worker. He is also Pomona High School's basketball coach. After 19 years of being Pomona’s head coach, Baskin decided his time as being coach had to come to an end. Baskin loves the game and wanted to do more with it.

Take a Chance to get to know Mr.Hopes

By Brock Benoit

Chance Hopes, Senior at Pomona High School, is energetic, kind -- and determined.

Hopes said his favorite part about being back to school this year is being able to socialize with students and teachers. He is enjoying his senior year a lot so far and said this year might be his favorite next to freshman year.

Fourth Schedule Change in Four Years Results in Backlash

By Nathan Warner

Four years, four schedules. No wonder seniors -- and teachers -- are confused.

It's difficult to keep up with the change every year. It’s the change that everyone needs to comprehend. As with a year and a half gone with COVID, students and teachers have been experiencing change not just the schedule change, but the rules and how the schools are changing in their own way.

Senior Christina Carlson said, “I dislike it” when asked what she thought about the schedule. “I believe we should go back to block days except on Fridays. I also want lunch to be longer,“ Carlson said.

Beaming personality

By Katie Fumia

Marly Warner is a freshman at Pomona High School. She has a glowing personality, which makes her who she is. She is kind, funny and constantly makes her peers laugh.

While Warner has built her own personality over time, she also gets it from other people.

“I like to make people laugh and I got my personality from my dad and he's super funny,” Warner said.

Warner said “Getting to make people laugh and make them happy” is her favorite part of her personality.

Working hard with Coach Boychuk

By Bryn Vaughn

Tracey Boychuk is Pomona High School’s proud gymnastics coach. She led Pomona gymnastics to 5 consecutive 5A State titles in 2019.

She coaches her athletes five days a week, while also being a Social Studies teacher.

“I can't imagine teaching without coaching, at this point,” Boychuk said. “You talk about balance. It helps me get to know the kids better. It gets me involved in what Pomona High School is doing. I just feel more connected when I'm coaching and teaching.”

Although Boychuk doesn't have any of her athletes in her economics or AP Human Geography class, she still does everything she can to help the young athletes with their grades.

“When they come to practice, we make sure that they’re working on their homework instead of practicing,” Boychuk said. “Academics has to be 1st and foremost.”

Outside of teaching, Boychuk does everything she can to connect with her athletes more and have the team bond better.

Mandy Silverstone welcomes students

By Antony Nguyen

Mandy Silverstone is a Pomona High School teacher that is known to be friendly and teaches Spanish. She is outgoing and understanding, Silverstone can be a little loud and unorganized, but she wants her students to feel welcomed in her classes.

“I hope my students find me to be fair and approachable,” Silverstone said.

During and after college Silverstone was a competitive freestyle skier. She competed in national and international mogul skiing competitions. She teached for several years after that. She still loves to ski, but Silverstone doesn't compete anymore.

Panthers are back and masked up and ready for more Covid

By Araya Lucero

Panthers came back -- still in the middle of a PANDEMIC. That's right, a pandemic, one year later. COVID has been around for a year, but to most, it feels years longer. Many Panthers feel good about being back in school while still feeling nervous.

“I feel good to be back at school although it is risky,” Senior Tina Valdez said. “It’s scary to be back, but we learned from the past year to be cleaner and always wash your hands and wear a face mask correctly,”

Valdez would like people to be more careful with their masks, but knows it’s hard to enforce. “I wish everyone would be careful, but we can’t force it. It does feel good being back after being online for a whole year,” Valdez said.

Being back in school, there's some skeptics, especially the parents. Being vaccinated vs. not plays a big part in this.

Holiday gifts for the Ones You Love

By Jasmine Reed

As Panthers start to get ready for the holidays, there’s always that one special gift everyone wants or needs.

Whether it's a new car or even a new puppy.

Everyone wants something.

Holidays are known as a special time to show everyone you care

But, importantly, what does Pomona want?