How to use the Maker/STEAM Checkout

  1. Look through the "Maker/STEAM Checkout Materials and Description" document to view all the items we currently have available for checkout. Each row includes the name of the item, how many we have available, the grade level suggestion, a short description, and some extra helpful notes.

  2. Figure out which materials you would like to check out and when.

  3. Check the "JCISD - Materials Checkout Calendar" to make sure the materials you would like to checkout are available during the dates you would like to request them.

  4. Fill out the "Maker/STEAM Material Checkout Form".

  5. Once you submit the form, the materials will be added to your Google Calendar as an event as well as the JCISD - Materials Checkout Calendar and an EdTech consultant will connect with you to determine the best way to get the materials to you. (**Please give at least a day or two to transport the materials. The more notice you give the EdTechs the better.)

TEAMJXN Guidelines for Borrowing Equipment

Borrowers will wipe items before and before they are returned - "wipe it in/wipe it out"

*** Borrowers must follow the manufacturer's guidelines found on their website when wiping down equipment.

Maker/STEAM Materials List

STEM/Maker Checkout Items

Maker/STEAM Material Checkout Form

Make sure to check the calendar below before filling out the form to make sure that the item you want is available during the time span you want it for. ⬇️