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a learning platform that allows students to use creative tools to take pictures, draw, record videos and more to caputre learning in a portfolio. Teachers find or create activities to share with students and teachers can also attach parents to the student accounts to share information and student work.

Setting Up a Class & Personalize Settings

Create and Personalize a Class
Account Setting Options
Connect to your School
Student Sign In Options
Student Setting Options
Family Account Settings
Archive and Unarchive Classes

Connecting, Communication, & Activity Library

Class Code Shared Devices Sign In
Class Code 1 to 1 Devices Sign In
Student Sign In Using Google or Email Account
Connect Family Members to a Student Account
Send Announcement
Communicating with an Individual Family Member
Community Activity Library
Create an Activity
Edit Activities
Create Collections of Activities
Sign Out of Account
Switch Between Seesaw Accounts

Switch between a Student and Teacher Account that uses the same email.

Organizing/Assigning Activities & Student Work

Create Folders
Student Post Options
Assign Activities
Reviewing Student Work
Edit Student's Posts
Commenting on Student's Posts
Posting Student Work
Adding Google Drive Videos to Activities
Embed a Youtube Video in an Activity

UPDATE: When you go to copy the link in Youtube, make sure to click the checkbox titled "Enable privacy-enhanced mode". This will make sure this method works for all devices viewing your videos.

This method gets rid of the bordering videos usually seen when watching Youtube videos.

Unassign Students from an Activity

Classroom Blog

Set Up a Classroom Blog
Customize Your Classroom Blog
Posting Student Work to Classroom Blog

Downloading Videos from Seesaw

Download a Video from Seesaw to a Chromebook
Download a Video from Seesaw to a Mobile Device (iPad)

Seesaw Resources

Tips and Tricks for Seesaw Educators

Seesaw Admin Resources

Getting Administrators Started on Seesaw

Exploring the Admin Dashboard

Seesaw for Schools Success Webinar: Admin Basics (Part 1)

Seesaw for Schools Success Webinar: Admin Basics (Part 2)