LINGuistics LAB @ ICU


LINGLAB @ ICU is a space where students can learn about activities concerning linguistics research projects, especially linguistics experiments that take place at ICU.

Linguistic students have opportunities to be involved in research projects. Please contact Dr. Lee.

Upcoming Events

  • ICU Ling Lab Twitter Handle: @ICULingLab


Linguistics Lab @ ICU


3-10-2 Osawa Mitaka

Tokyo 181-8585 Japan

The lab is managed by Dr. Seunghun Lee.

(Email: seunghun AT icu DOT ac DOT jp)

  • Asian Junior Linguists Conference

Current Projects

[Phonetics & Phonology]

  • Depressor consonants in Xitsonga, Siswati (South Africa) and Japanese [DCon, Kakenhi 16K02641, Lee]

    • EGG Study of two Japanese dialects [DCon, Kakenhi 16K02641, Lee]

  • Phonetics and phonology of Korean [AKSLab (Korea), Lee]

  • Prosody-Syntax Interface [NSF (USA), Lee]

  • Establishment of a Research Network for Exploring the Linguistic Diversity and Linguistic Dynamism in Africa [ReNeLDA, Lee]

[L2 Phonology]

  • L2 pronunciation: the geminate production by Chinese learners of Japanese [C2J, Lee]

[Sentence Processing]

  • A non-invasive test for diagnosing cognition in three SOV languages: Japanese, Korean and Bodo [SOV, Kakenhi 18K00546, Yoshida, Lee]

Completed projects

  • 2017-2018 Two Okinawan dialects: Ikema dialect (Miyako) and Hateruma dialect [RyuVoN, Hayashi, Aso, Lee] funded by Kashima Foundation

  • 2017-2019 Acoustics, articulation, perception of Tamang (Nepal), Drenjongke (Sikkim, India) and Dzongkha (Bhutan) [PhoPhoNO, van Driem, Lee] funded by SNSF-JSPS International Collaborative Grant

  • 2018 Voicing in Hokkaido dialects [RHOAM, Suzuki, Lee] funded by JICUF

  • Processing instrumental case in Korean, English and Japanese [GRN, Lee]