LINGuistics LAB @ ICU


LINGLAB @ ICU is a space where students can learn about activities concerning linguistics research projects, especially linguistics experiments that take place at ICU.

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Linguistic students have opportunities to be involved in research projects. Please contact Dr. Lee.

Upcoming Events

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    • Ashida, Lee, Kim "COVID-19 Mythbusters in World Languages", LREC 2022, Marseille France.

    • Lee, Jun, and Guillemot "The domain of tone-segment mapping in Drenjongke is an Accentual Phrase", LabPhon 18, Virtual.

  • Recent Papers

    • Lee, Seunghun J. & Elisabeth Selkirk (2022) Xitsonga tone: The syntax-phonology interface. [LINK]

    • Yoshida, Tomoyuki (2019) Complement selection and wh-scope in Japanese. JEAL 28: 1-27. [LINK]


Linguistics Lab @ ICU


3-10-2 Osawa Mitaka

Tokyo 181-8585 Japan

The lab is managed by Dr. Seunghun Lee.

(Email: seunghun AT icu DOT ac DOT jp)

  • Asian Junior Linguists Conference

Current Projects

[Phonetics & Phonology]

  • Depressor consonants in Xitsonga, Siswati (South Africa) and Japanese [DCon, Kakenhi 16K02641, Lee]

    • EGG Study of two Japanese dialects [DCon, Kakenhi 16K02641, Lee]

  • Phonetics and phonology of Korean [AKSLab (Korea), Lee]

  • Prosody-Syntax Interface [NSF (USA), Lee]

  • Establishment of a Research Network for Exploring the Linguistic Diversity and Linguistic Dynamism in Africa [ReNeLDA, Lee]

[L2 Phonology]

  • L2 pronunciation: the geminate production by Chinese learners of Japanese [C2J, Lee]

[Sentence Processing]

  • A non-invasive test for diagnosing cognition in three SOV languages: Japanese, Korean and Bodo [SOV, Kakenhi 18K00546, Yoshida, Lee]

Completed projects

  • 2017-2018 Two Okinawan dialects: Ikema dialect (Miyako) and Hateruma dialect [RyuVoN, Hayashi, Aso, Lee] funded by Kashima Foundation

  • 2017-2019 Acoustics, articulation, perception of Tamang (Nepal), Drenjongke (Sikkim, India) and Dzongkha (Bhutan) [PhoPhoNO, van Driem, Lee] funded by SNSF-JSPS International Collaborative Grant

  • 2018 Voicing in Hokkaido dialects [RHOAM, Suzuki, Lee] funded by JICUF

  • Processing instrumental case in Korean, English and Japanese [GRN, Lee]