Video Resources

Teacher and Students Developed Video Ceremonies

A Collection of Videos about 9/11 from the Students.

final 911.mp4

Extended version - 9/11 Student led 9/11 Commemorative Project

The lengthier video is a professional development and student centered 24 minute video to introduce the project through the lens of students live at Ditmas IS 62 and the lead teachers.

911 final v3 423.m2ts

Trailer Version - 9/11 Student led 9/11 Commemorative Project

The shorter trailer can be used to introduce the project to classes, remote or hybrid.

class 100.m2ts

Class 6-100

In My Language 911 6101.m2ts

In My Language
The In MY Language Video is a 9/11 commemorative ceremony of, for and by ESL learners in Mrs. Francis's class.
It was filmed at Ditmas IS 62 under the direction and editing of Elliot Sefaradi and with the production oversight
of Dr. Rose Reissman.


Natalia Sandoval 8 324
and Keyboa
rd Teacher Mr. Kass
about the sounds of 9/11

This ceremony is a compilation of the videos and speeches authored by the grade 7 Student Leaders who met remotely after school under the direction of Michael Downes- Lead Teacher.

This group of 11 students was coordinated by Nurzahan Chowdhury, the 7th grade lead initiator.

Dr. Rose Reissman provided the prompts which the students realized with research, passion and talent.

Mr. Carideo took the individual student remotely produced segments and edited them into this culminating 9/11 20th Anniversary Student perspective Commemorative Ceremony.

May the memory of 9/11 continue to inspire our 21st century citizens to proactive digital citizenship and as agents of social justice.

Trailer 911 short ceremony final w credits 5_25_2021 (1).mp4
Madeline Siu - Ceremony Speech.mp4

Madeline S. 9/11 Speech


Hafsa R. - 9/11 Speech



Ceremony Speech.mp4

Madeline S.

NURZAHAN zzz.mp4


Nurzahan ending.mp4

Nurzahan Part II

life lesson final.m2ts

A Life Lesson

Ms. Digeronimo - ELA
Ms. Bonet - Math
and Ms. Huerta