Ditmas Parents Share Memories of


Jahirul Haque Chowdhury

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Student Asher L. Class 7-6 was inspired by the oral history, photograph and the quotes to create this artistic commentary.

1. “Before.... like they were friendly and normal. After 9/11 people called me a terrorist. I was seen as coming from somewhere else. And, I’m not... like you know, when they see me, they thought like they were not safe. I felt scared. I thought it would be better, to stay home.”

2. “At work, it totally changed. People's behavior totally changed. They looked at my face, they asked: "Hey are you Muslim? You are a bad Muslim, or a good Muslim? Why are you people doing this"? I was so scared.”

3. “Their faces... was like so mean. They think I’m like something else. As if I were a terrorist, like I’m trying to do something bad.”

David Keller Trevaskis, Esquire


Lyrics by Nurzahan

Sung by Medula Hassan

Copy of 9_11 Poem - What was 9_11_ Nurzahan Chowdhury.docx

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