Ms. Daccordo


Fast, Broken

Burning, Crashing, Screaming

Fire Fighters, Police, Ambulance, Loved One’s

Blazing, Mourning, Healing, caring

Patriotic, Respected


By: Sameer Bhuyian--- Class 6D6


by Afsana Tonima

Twin Towers


destroying, wrecking, crashing

workers, building, military, basements

shattering, demolishing, falling

five sided, wide


by Saharine

Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow White, Black

Burning, Blazing, Flaming, Flickering

Flash, Flare, Light.

Flames, Light, Heat, Smoke

Break Down, Gases, Light.

Glowing, Aflame


by Afsana Tonima

1.What happened on 9/11?

When I turn on the TV, I see the news.I saw what happened and it was very bad and very scary.I see it looks like it was smoking very badly.Then people run away and all the people were scared and run.

2. Every year “commemorative” ceremonies have been developed to mark each anniversary of 9/11. There have been 19 so far. What does the word “commemorative” mean? Have you ever seen any of these ceremonies online, on television or at school? What do you remember about them?

Commemorative means acting as a memorial and an event or person. And my mother hasn’t seen any of these ceremonies.

3. If your family is from another country, would they

know or care about 9/11 even if, obviously, they were

alive 20 years ago when it happened? Explain why or

why not.

They would care because a lot of innocent people died and they would have never thought that the United States could be attacked like that

4. Other than this is part of your learning, can you as a

2021 student “relate” or “learn” from what happened

before you were born?

I can learn from what happened before I was born.I can learn how technology has evolved in the world and how it helps people in the world.