Arts and Feelings

I started off with the stage. It was hard to make the lines straight, but I did a pretty good job with it. Then I drew the twin towers, lightly. I needed to draw it lightly to make sure I could make the broken pieces. After that, I drew the 9/11.

Next, I drew the fires on top. I erased the 9/11 bottom, so it looks like the fire is on top. On top of the stage I drew people, and then added the sign. Finally, I traced it all!

The stage is meant to represent the 9/11 incident. The twin towers are being destroyed. The fire was meant to show that. I drew people on top of the stage to show we once more raised ourselves up as a nation. The people of America stand proudly, holding the American flag. One sign in the middle stands to show that we will never forget 9/11.