Madeline SIU

9/11 project podcast reviewer

By Madeline

Artist Statement

I’ve decided to use colors of different emotions. For example, yellow would be happy, red would be anger, dark blue would indicate sadness.

I realized that the number 11 in block numbers kind of looks like the Twin Towers, so I made it the Twin Towers and the number.

I tried to put yellow and dark blue together to show the very different emotions. I know some people lost people who meant the world to them, so I put the color black. I used crayons called “Twistables” and a green notebook with small dots on the pages


I started with the towers. Then, after I drew in the towers with my black crayon, I colored them in, using different colors.

I, then, colored the outside of the towers until the whole page had color! I decided to use many dark colors next to light colors to show that not everyone felt the same way about 9/11.

I know most people were very scared and felt as if they were being targeted so I used the color purple and orange for that feeling. 9/11 has many mixed feelings which seems important to put into art.

- Madeline Siu

By Madeline Frank Siller of the Stephen Siller
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