Book Study

nine, ten: A September 11th Story by Nora Baskin Raleigh

Mrs. Anna reads
nine, ten: A September 11th story with her 6th grade class.

Name:Anthony Trakhtenberg

Yes, I think schools should teach the events of 9/11 because it is important to know and to understand what happened on that day. It is important for kids who were born after 9/11 not to forget the past because we can learn from it and prevent such tragedy from happening again.

I also think that the book should be used to teach us about 9/11 events because it tells us about the lives of different kids in different parts of our country before 9/11 and how that day changed their lives. The events of 9/11 changed many lives forever, not only in our country but around the world.

Many things have changed. For example, the security at the airports and other places was tightened because of the threat of terrorist attack. Many people lost their lives. Many suffered and died years after from 9/11 related diseases.


I think it is important to learn about the events of 9/11 because it teaches students about the heroes that sacrificed their lives for others.

Yes I do think the book would help students understand the events of the 9/11, because it is being told from the perspective of children their age.

Tiffany Mora

I think schools should not teach about 9/11 because it may be a little sensitive to some people since lots of people died and maybe some of the students in school have relatives that passed away because of 9/11 which may cause them to be sad or upset.

Do you think the book Nine, Ten: A September 11 story should be used to teach about the events.

Yes, I do think the Book should be used to teach events because it is always great to know more about the history, our past and why our country changed.

About the last chapter of the book.

Anthony Trakhtenberg

I really liked the book. The book tells us a story of four ordinary kids from different cities and about their lives, their problems and worries just days before the September 11 tragedy. It details how their lives were changed on that day.

Two of them eye witnessed the events of 9/11. Sergio in New York watched the attack on the World Trade Center with his own eyes. Will in Pennsylvania saw the crash of flight 93. Naheed in Ohio learned about it from the Principal in her school and from the news. Aimee in California was scared for her mom, who was in New York City on that day. I think their phone conversation saved her mom's life.

It is amazing how their lives intersected once at the airport just two days before 9/11. As an outcome of this intersection, they all happened to be at the same place and the same time one year later. All of the four characters and their families were brought together for the first 9/11 memorial service. They stood up for Naheed’s family to show that we all, Americans, have to stay united.

The book is definitely good to teach students about events of 9/11. It would help us, kids who were born after 9/11 2001, to better understand the importance and pain of the 9/11 tragedy., It shows us how kids, just like us, and other people across our country and over the world felt reacted to 9/11 events.

Ingrid Rojas

This book is good to teach kids my age because we get to know what happened back then, so if they ever ask any kid a question about 9/11, that kid would respond well. Four kids with different backstories all became involved in 9/11.