School test Coordinators should use this form to report all known or suspected testing improprieties. All fields are required. This report must be made within 24 hours of the incident. If you have questions, contact Tom Luba, District Test Coordinator. Please note that all potential testing improprieties or irregularities must be reported to the HSD District Test Coordinator using this form or an email. ODE Test Security will not accept reports directly from schools.

Designated Support and Accommodations Forms

You may use these forms to document designated supports and/or accommodations that are provided to individual students. The forms are provided in Google and PDF formats. The PDF forms may be printed and completed by hand. The Google forms are designed to be completed electronically if you like. The Google forms will prompt you to "make a Copy" to your drive. Once on your Google drive, you can make individual copies for students.

Designated Supports (Determined by Teacher or Teacher Team)

Accommodations (IEP or 504 Plan)

ELPA Summative Domain Exemption Form

Use this form to record ELPA domain exemptions per student IEPs or 504 plans. Please note: No 4-domain exemptions are allowed on the ELPA Summative. A new IEP meeting is needed for students who had domain exemptions in previous years who need to take the ELPA this year. Please collaborate with your school SpEd Case Manager. Send a copy of the completed form to Terry Cross in Technology Services at the AC.

Download Form (PDF)

Copy Form (Google Doc)

Annual Notice/Opt-Out

It’s important that we have consistent and unified messaging about opting out of state tests. We want to make sure that parents who are considering this route have all of the information they need to make a rational and informed decision. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

  • Please do your best to make sure parents who ask to opt-out have an opportunity to speak with you, a teacher and/or a school administrator about state testing and why we do it. The aim is to state the facts about testing, dispel misconceptions about the test (of which there are many) and to encourage parents to allow their students to participate. We need to project a positive and professional attitude about testing and help parents see the value it brings to schools and to their student. For a list of “talking points” to use with parents, click this link.
  • Additional state testing information, including opt-out information, may be found on the “Standards and Assessment” section of the HSD website including an FAQ about opting out and access to opt-out forms in English and Spanish. This section of the HSD website is also replicated on your school websites. The link can be found in the “Academics” section. This is a good place to direct your parents to for detailed information about state testing at HSD.
  • Parents MUST use the 2019-2020 opt-out forms for Smarter Balanced (links below.) If a parent turns in a form from a previous year, you will need to ask them to fill out a form for the current year.
  • The ODE opt-out forms are for Smarter Balanced ELA and math ONLY! If parents wish to opt-out of OSAS Science or ELPA Summative, they may not use the Smarter Balanced forms. Instead, for those assessments, parents can either write a letter to the school principal requesting the opt-out based on either religion or a disability or schools may use the district form linked below:
  • All forms and letters must be sent to Terry Cross at the district office.
  • Please print out some opt-out forms and keep copies in your main office so that your office staff can provide them to parents if they ask. However, be sure and instruct office staff to have a licensed staff or administrator speak with them about opting out first.
  • Once a student opts out, Test Coordinators are advised to block the opt-out tests in TIDE so that a student is not inadvertently tested.
  • It’s a good idea to keep a copy of the opt-out form or letter in the student’s cumulative file. You can keep the original, if you prefer, and send a copy to Terry Cross.

Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) Opt-Out Form

OSAS Science and ELPA Exemption from Testing Forms

The forms linked below were developed to make the opt-out process for science and ELPA a little easier on parents and school staff. In the past, parents were asked to "write a letter" if they wanted to opt-out of these tests stating a religious or disability reason. You can use the form below in lieu of a letter. Parents still may write and submit a letter if they prefer. The letter must contain the same information on the form linked below.

  • OSAS Science and ELPA Summative Exemption Form (English)
  • OSAS Science and ELPA Summative Exemption Form (Spanish)