EL Screening

This section is dedicated to information and support for administering the ELPA Screener

In 2019-2020 the screener becomes mandatory for the state of Oregon. HSD may no longer be allowed to use other tools, such as the Woodcock-Muñoz, for screening potential EL students. Below are some resources to help buildings through the process of using the new screener with students.

ELPA Screener FAQs

What is the ELPA Screener?

The ELPA Screener measures English language proficiency.

  • Purpose: Determine which students are eligible to receive English language development (ELD) services.
  • Who is screened: All students (K-12) whose families say that the home or native language is not English on the Home Language Survey.

How is the ELPA Screener administered?

The screener is part of the regular Oregon State Assessment System. It lives in the same place as the state tests including Smarter Balanced, OAKS Science and ELPA Summative. It is delivered electronically via the OSAS secure browser. The screener is administered to students who may be eligible for ELD services on-on-one with a trained adult staff member.

What kind of training is required to administer the screener?

Administering the screener requires the following training, which is available for HSD staff via a course in Google Classroom:

  • Required:
  1. View the Test Delivery System video or Powerpoint
  2. Read the ELPA Screener Speaking Scoring Document
  3. Complete the ODE Test Security training module
  4. Study the ELPA Screener Administration Manual
  • Optional, yet highly recommended additional training includes:
  1. ELPA Screener Speaking Scoring practice slides
  2. ELPA portions of the Oregon Accessibility Manual (OAM.)
  3. ELPA portions of the Test Administration Manual (TAM.)

Where can I find the training materials provided by ODE?

Below are links to the required and optional training materials for the screener.

Who can I contact for support using the new screener?

For technical support, contact Tom Luba

For content support, contact Carolyn Grenz