How to Get Previous Year Smarter Balanced Test Scores for a Classroom

  1. Using your Web browser (preferably Google Chrome), navigate to DCA --
  2. Click the Reports tile
  3. Under "Report Settings" on the right, verify that the "I would like my reports to default to:" dropdown is set to "My Students". If not, use the dropdown to make the change.
  4. Click the desired report and configure the report for your classroom. Note: for a detailed report that includes SBAC claims and student growth percentiles, use the "SBAC by Teacher and Course with Growth Percentiles" report.

How to configure the "SBAC by Teacher and Course with Growth Percentiles" report:

  1. Once the report is open, configure the following parameters:
    • Choose your School Group (ES, MS, etc...)
    • Choose your school
    • Choose the school year (to see how students performed on last year's test, select the current school year.)
    • Check the Teacher box to make sure it is set to your name (if not, close the report, return to the Reports homepage and follow the instructions above for defaulting DCA to your students.)
    • Select the Term
    • Select the course section
    • Select the students' current grade. For example, if you are a 4th grade teacher and wish to see how your current students performed last year, choose your students' current grade level or you may select "All Grades."
    • Select Grade Test Taken. For example, if you are a 4th grade teacher and wish to see how your current student performed last year when they took the 3rd grade tests, choose grade 03.
    • Use the remaining parameters to further filter the report making sure you have selected "Active" under the "Status" dropdown.
    • Click "View Report"
    • To view student performance by claim, click the small + sign to the left of the subject heading.
    • If you had indicated "Yes" to "Include Student Details?" in the report parameters, you can view more details about each student in the list by clicking the + signs in each detail column.
    • To see all test performance of individual students in the list, along with much more data, click the student's name. That will open the full Student Profile for that student. The profile includes an Assessment" tab, which contains the full HSD test history for the student.
    • To export the report to Excel, or another favorite format, click the floppy disk icon and select your desired export format.