Safety Officer

For Traffic Enforcement Requests or Safety Concerns:

Officer Daniel Griffith

For Car Seat Inspection Appointments:

Sergeant Matthew Waugh

Car Seat Inspections

New Massachusetts Child Safety Restraint Law

July 10, 2008

Car seat inspections are available by appointment only. Inspections are not limited to Holliston residents. Please bring all paperwork associated with the car seat which is being installed.

Each car seat installation can take a minimum of 45 minutes and potentially last longer based upon whether the car seat is a match to the child and the automobile. Safety checks are conducted in order to educate parents about the reduction of injuries to a child if the child is in the car when the automobile is involved in a crash. The safety officer will also check to ensure that there are no Manufacturer Recalls on the car/booster seat.

Officer Waugh and Officer Hickey are the department car seat inspectors.

To make a car seat inspection appointment, please call the Holliston Police Department at

(508)429-1212 and check for availability.

You can also e-mail Officer Waugh directly at or Officer Hickey at hickey@hollistonpolicecom

This program is made possible through generous donations from community organizations like:

Holliston Newcomers Club

Holliston Early Childhood Council

For additional information visit:

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Executive Office of Public Safety & Security

School Bus Safety

Safety Tips:

Getting on the school bus

  • When waiting for the bus, stay away from traffic and avoid roughhousing or other behavior that can lead to carelessness. Do not stray onto streets, alleys or private property.
  • Line up away from the street or road as the school bus approaches.
  • Wait until the bus has stopped and the door opens before stepping onto the roadway.
  • Use the hand rail when stepping onto the bus.

Getting off the school bus

  • If you have to cross the street in front of the bus, walk at least ten feet ahead of the bus along the side of the road, until you can turn around and see the driver.
  • Make sure that the driver can see you.
  • Wait for a signal from the driver before beginning to cross.
  • When the driver signals, walk across the road, keeping an eye out for sudden traffic changes.
  • Do not cross the center line of the road until the driver has signaled that it is safe for you to begin walking.
  • Stay away from the bus' rear wheels at all times.