ELDER Affairs

The Holliston Police Department is committed to serving all citizens, including the elderly population. If you, a family member or friend, needs assistance in best supporting the elderly, please contact our station and request to speak with either Sgt. Glenn Dalrymple or Sgt. Jonathan Remkus.

Our officers can help find you or your loved one support including, but not limited to, the following areas:

These are just some of the many services provided by the Holliston Police Department to the elderly community. Don't hesitate to reach out to our department for any assistance or services you may need.

holliston senior center's coffee with a cop

Each month, Sgt. Glenn Dalrymple meets with Holliston seniors for "coffee with a cop" at the senior center. Often, Sgt. Dalrymple will arrange for other officers or members of the town that provide support services, to join the group for coffee. This is a casual environment, with a relaxed setting. There is no topic that is off limits and seniors are encouraged to ask questions or bring up any suggestions they may have. We hope that you'll join us.

Check in with the Holliston Senior Center for future dates & times!

The Senior Center is located at 150 Goulding Street, Holliston MA

Older Drivers and Traffic Safety

"Elder drivers are still able to self determine if they should drive based on their mental and physical ability. There is no age at which driving privileges are revoked, however persons 75 or older have to renew their drivers license in person at an RMV Service Center to take an eye test. You can also present a Vision Screening Certificate rather than take an eye test.

You may have medical limitations that affect your driving, which you must self-report to the RMV when renewing your drivers license. You can discuss with your physician in getting adaptive equipment to assist in driving. You can also apply for a disability plate or placard through the RMV.

You can contact AAA or AARP, as well as professional driving schools, to undergo a driving evaluation to help you determine if you should stop driving."

Source: Mass.gov - Older Drivers

massachusetts office of elder affairs

"Promotes independence, empowerment, and well-being of older people, individuals with disabilities, and their families. We ensure access to the resources you need to live healthy in every community in the Commonwealth.

Elder Affairs supports older adults and individuals with disabilities to 'age in community' so they can live well and be safe. We provide access to quality, person-centered aging and disability services. There are 26 local agencies that have programs that help with:

  • In-home care
  • Protective services
  • Family support
  • Meals and nutrition services
  • Housing
  • Service support issues"

Source: Mass.gov - Elder Affairs

Elder Alert Systems

The Holliston Police Department responds to all Elder Alert Systems upon notification from the administrator of the program. The Lifeline Alert System is a wrist, pendant, or voice activated unit that sets off an alarm at the administration office (staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year). They, in turn, notify the local police department. For more information, they can be contacted at 1-800-380-3111

Lost Elder System

The Holliston Police Department is committed to the rapid response and location of elders at risk who have wandered off and become lost. In this regard, we are in the process of becoming a member town in LifeSaver International. This is an organization dedicated to the safe return of those who are enrolled in the program through the use of a bracelet/transmitter system. This program is administered through the Norfolk County Sheriff's Office as the State representative of the system. We have been in contact with them, and through the initial assistance of the Millis Police Department, we hope to begin signing people up who may qualify for the program.

If you know of an elder that suffers from Dementia, Alzheimer's, or a related condition, please contact the Holliston Police Department and will do an initial intake of the necessary information. The last obstacle to get his program up and running is the cost. The bracelet setup is $300 with a $25/month cost of maintenance (both fees are set by and collected by LifeSaver International.)