Chief of Police

Holliston Police Chief Matthew Stone

Contact: 508-429-1212 ext: 115


Statement of Professional Values

We, as members of the Holliston Police Department, are responsible for protecting lives and property. We serve with professional pride and want the inhabitants of the Town of Holliston to share in this pride. The Law Enforcement profession is difficult and demands dedication far beyond most other professions. For this reason, we ascribe to the following personal traits and values to be the foundation of our commitment to public service, safety, and security.


Integrity is the cornerstone of our profession. It is being honest, open, and fair in the performance of our duties. It is being responsible for our actions, willing to admit mistakes, and ensuring that our behavior is above reproach; thereby fostering confidence, respect, and trust.


Professionalism is the premise upon which we perform our duties. It is having a defined sense of commitment, perspective, and direction in serving the public. It is striving for perfection, quality, and excellence in our commitment to public service. It is being accountable for our actions.


Loyalty is our commitment to the people of this town. It is ensuring we fulfill the trust placed upon us by the citizens. It is our commitment to this Department, its mission, principals, and philosophies. It is our commitment to each other and the fostering of an unbiased, nonjudgmental, work environment.


Pride is the attitude we display toward our chosen profession. It is striving to achieve in the face of adversity. It is the manner of our dress and the very way we announce our association with this department. It is the way we perform our duties with devotion and dedication.