Bike Unit

The bike patrol unit is a supplemental part of the over patrol force. Bike patrol offers increased visibility to the patrol area, approachability and a more physically fit officer. Bike officers are utilized for special events such as parades, athletic events, and most recently, assisting with marathon duties in Hopkinton.

Along with the standard police equipment, officers wear approved safety helmets, gloves and a special police uniform specifically made for bicycling. Bike officers ride Cannondale mountain bikes equipped with head lights and taillights for night riding.

Because police officers on mountain bikes have access to the public more easily, they play a vital role in enhancing the relationship between the police department and the community. Officers on bikes are more approachable because officers are not merely driving by in a cruiser with the windows rolled up. The untraditional appearance of a police officer in shorts, riding a bicycle is usually enough for most people to start a conversation with the officer.

The interaction between the police and the community on this level has become necessary for the Holliston Police Department. All officers are encouraged to strengthen their relationship with the community in which they serve. This is an extended service of the department that promotes a better quality of life and a safer environment through solving the problems within the community.

Important Bike Safety Tips:

Rules of the Road

  • Ride on the right side of the road with the flow of traffic
  • Ride single file
  • Stop at stop signs and traffic lights
  • Use hand signals for turns
  • Give the right of way to pedestrians
  • Give a clear warning (bell, horn, or voice) when needed for safety
  • Carry no passengers (except in an approved baby seat)
  • Park your bicycle out of the way of vehicle or pedestrian traffic
  • Your bicycle cannot be towed by a motor vehicle
  • Carry no bundles or packages except in a basket or on a rack
  • Keep one hand on the handle bars at all times
  • Equip your bike with front and rear reflectors, pedal reflectors, lights, and wear reflective material on both sides of your body
  • Do not adjust handle bars above your shoulders or alter the front of your bike
  • Do not ride on express or limited access highways
  • Wear an approved safety helmet. (Persons under 12 are required by law to wear a helmet)