Auxiliary Police

For information on how you can serve the Holliston community as an Auxiliary Officer, please contact Sgt. George Leurini by email or by calling 508-429-1212

Holliston Auxiliary Police Qualifications

1. At least 21 years of age

2. United States citizen

3. Have no extensive motor vehicle record or criminal record

4. Be in general good health and have sufficient strength and stamina and be free of all physical and mental defects which would interfere with the performance of Auxiliary Police duties

5. Ability to obtain a license to carry a firearm

Application Process

1. Interview with Auxiliary staff

2. Background investigation

3. Psychological Examination

4. Physical Examination

Probationary officers will receive training in CPR, First Responder, Defibrillator, Firearms, and on-going monthly training. Selected Officers must attend the Reserve Police Academy which is six (6) months in duration; three nights per week and some Saturdays.

If you are interested in serving the Holliston community with the Auxiliary Police, please call and arrange an informational interview with Sergeant George Leurini at 508-429-1212 or e-mail

Holliston Auxiliary Police Roster

Captain James Ray

Sergeant Michael Aw

Sergeant Sean McDowell

Corporal Donovan Seay

Corporal Robert Guyon

Auxiliary Officer Mark Haddad

Auxiliary Officer Danny Lee

Auxiliary Officer Daniel Nash

Auxiliary Officer Brian Ream

Auxiliary Officer Hannah Ciavarra