Transformations 2019-2021


After (Sept 2019)

Now they know.

None of us had ever tackled a project like this before. The kids didn't truly undestand the amount of time, energy and effort that would be required to bring their vision to life. But now they know.

"They know the weight of a mattock and the effort required to swing it 100 times. They know the value of time and how quickly it dissolves in the rush to meet deadlines. They know what it means to be trusted and trustworthy. To work with real tools. To make decisions, not unimportant ones, real decisions, which carry real consequences. They understand the challenge of placemaking and how breathing life into neglected and unused spaces impacts a community." - How To Transform A Playground When You Have No Money, No Time, And No Idea What You’re Doing

The Forest/Kindy Entrance (2019)

"The aggrEgation of marginal gains"

Our groundsman has a grand total of 8 hours a week at our school. Maintaining our grounds is almost impossible, let alone making meanignful improvements. That responsibility falls to each and every one of us. Every collective hour our class spends working in our yard is the equivalent of 3 weeks work for our groundsman!

The Bike Rack (2020)

"We too often consult our own convenience, rather than the comfort, welfare, or accommodation of our children" - William Alcott, 1832.

The Studio (2020)

Our Other Projects

The Scooter Track (2019)

The Blue Unit Entrance (2020)


The Learning Street (2020)


The Pit Room Theatre (2020)

The Courtyard (2020)


The Hideaway (2020)


The Community Consultation (2019)

The Horizontal Climbing Wall (2019)

The Blue Unit Entrance


The Learning Street


The 6/7 Classroom (2020)

The Courtyard


The Hideaway


The Toilet Blocks (2020)