- The Studio -

As part of Project Reimaginate, we have transformed a multitude of spaces. One space we created from scratch is the Studio Room, complete with a mini green screen! The room was originally an old office transformed into the studio room over multiple weeks, the best part, it's still not finished!

We began by removing clutter that had been stored in the underutilised space. After removing everything in the room, we replaced the old halogen lights with more efficient and brighter LEDs and increased the lux by painting of the room Vivid White.

- Making The Room -

It originally was a small office one of the first things we added was the green screen, it was originally used as a projector screen in the hall however we took it down, spray painted it and put it up in the studio room. We experimented with installing a ceiling, however that darkened the room and stopped more light from getting in, after testing we ultimately decided against using a roof.

- Why -

In our unit we lacked a “quiet space” for small group or partner collaboration. There are spaces which are slightly more quiet than others but not a dedicated one. The Studio is a private but not secret space that is particularly popular whenever students need to escape the noise and bustle of the open unit.

- Result -

The current studio room is the place where kids can go to read and work. We have multiple tools we store in the studio such as headphones, microphones, and instruments. The greenscreen is the most commonly used part of the room, mostly used by groups to record or as a part for audio recording.