- The Hideaway -

- The Vision -

The Hideaway will be a multi-purpose space linking the Secret Garden to the upstairs deck and surrounding playground. The vision is for a butterfly themed silhouette wall mural, overflow bike parking, reclaimed wood planter boxes, painted concrete, and environmentally friendly seating featuring a Replas bench and seats.

- The Need -

The need for The Hideaway space is twofold. Our bike and scooter trial days were enourmously popular, and we lacked enough suitable parking. This space would utilise an existing parking bay which is too large for other spaces to create a safe, overflow parking space.

Secondly, our observations show that many students are drawn to "quiet" spaces to play small group games, work, and eat. Reinvigorating this neglected area would provide a safe and private space for students, particularly those with a disability, to retreat to when needed. The seating would be suitable size for younger students from the Yellow unit who are likely to use it.

- Environmental Focus -

We estimate that over the course of a single year, our small school sends tens of thousands of plastic food wrappers to landfill, mostly from chip and biscuit packets.

While there are much cheaper alternatives available, we believe a Replas bench would provide an educational benefit for students, reinforcing the need to recycle (Redcycle) our soft plastics.

The year 6/7 class are moving towards becoming a zero-waste classroom, which we hope to spread school-wide during semester two.

- The Result -

Junior Primary Students used "Austin's Butterfly" as inspiration to design butterflies which were added to a mural in the space.

The Design used in the Hideaway was continued into the central courtyard space outside our library hub.

Linking Spaces

Bringing Back The Butterflies

A butterfly in the Secret Garden