- The Japanese Garden -

The Japanese garden would be a space that embraces the different elements of a traditional Japanese Culture. The main focus of this space is to add Japanese culture to our school. With a torii gate, native Japanese plants and gravel, these are intended to create as well as a learning space. It is also a good space for the special needs kids to enjoy a quiet space and sensory place.

- The Vision -

Our vision for the Japanese garden includes getting rid of all the weeds and the old garden beds. Then replacing gravel or fine sand on top of the dirt to create a space like a zen/stone garden, then we would place wooden logs and stones for seating.

- The Need -

The need for the Japanese gardens purpose is to have a space were you can learn and embrace the traditions of Japan, in the class it can get loud and it can be hard to concentrate so having this garden is acting like a multipurpose space, Where kids can relax and embrace the feeling of Japanese culture. The objects and structures will hope to improve and prevent anger and stress in our garden. We decided to improve this space because it was unused, Run down, And a weed fest. Plus wouldn't it be nice to have a calm and relaxing space to learn and teach about the Japanese culture?

We have been looking at the students that use the secret garden and most are from the yellow or orange unit. Since most of the things in the secret garden are about sensory feeling we figure having a place like that in the orange unit could be helpful. The garden would be based around sensory with different type of rocks and plants. It would be used by many people with different learning abilities to learn how to calm down.

A grant will help fund a Japanese garden where students can learn and embrace the traditions of Japan. The current space which would feature a Japanese garden is a rundown weed-fest that has been neglected for years. We will improve this space by transforming it into a Japanese garden for our entire community.

The classroom can get loud and it can be hard to concentrate so having this garden would act as a multipurpose space where kids can relax and embrace the feeling of Japanese culture. For students with sensory challenges, the space may also prevent stress and create a quiet space to withdraw to. Some students prefer being able to work in relaxing and peaceful areas which are hard to find, particularly around the Orange unit.

Timeline for the build:

Week 2 : To do: Weeding the garden and tidying it up

Week 4 : To do: Generally building the brugtes and fences

Week 6 : To do: painting the fencing and they brights

Week 8 : To do: Building in Turrie gate and painting it

Week 10: To do: Insert all they structures, inserting they gravel and putting they plant

were going to incorporate