- The Kindy Path & Surrounds -

In 2019, Project Reimaginate turned a polluted, weed-ravaged eyesore into a succulent plant garden and access path from the Kindy to the Forest space. In 2020, we upgraded the garden space by planting succulents and using a high grade mulch. The result is an increase in "street appeal" for the HCSPS Kindergarten and better access to our nature space.

- The Vision -

During 2020, we built up the number and diversity of succulents in the garden space, which is subject to almost relentless summer sun. The first topping of mulch was originally reclaimed from a fallen tree had bleached. We used a pine mulch to create a nice contrast to highlight the garden beds and help to minimise weeds.

- The Need -

Observationally, we estimated that 80% of families and visitors to the kindy utilised the prototype pathway. It was been particularly popular for families with prams. We saw the need to flatten, widen and extend the path to meet the footpath and use a higher quality pebble for the pathway. We will need to add some drainage as erosion has seen dirt washed onto the path.