Climbing Wall & Trees

Our Vision

For a horizontal Climbing Wall:

A place for:

  • Active play
  • Imagination & adventure
  • Building gross and fine motor skills

"The Best View Comes After The Hardest Climb"

-Climbing Group, Project Reimaginate

Play is all around us, Play is in us. We recently did a survey and found a lot of our students want the opportunity to be able to climb. There is a lack of adventure play and imagination play in our yard. So we want to give the kids an opportunity to be adventurous, brave and imaginative.

We want kids to let loose and begin their climbing adventure.

Why Climbing Is Important

Whether you're climbing indoors or out, climbing provides a good workout. During this time you build stamina, strengthen your muscles and increase your heart rate, Climbing also conquers the fear of heights, like people say "The only way to get rid of a fear, is to face it head on". But the sport also tests your core body muscles and legs to multiple skills all at once, such as Strength, power endurance, and stamina. According to Climbing trees SA, climbing supports a child's ability to problem solve and make decisions, judge the strength of limbs, work out where to put their hands and feet and to navigate uneven surfaces. Children who play outside have better motor coordination and increased ability to concentrate. Free play has the ability to improve many aspects of emotional well being, including minimising anxiety, depression, aggression and sleep problems. While outdoors, a child is more likely to encounter opportunity's for decision making that stimulate problem solving and creative thinking. kids don't climb trees anymore, with less then 20% of kids actually get outdoors. This is a staggering drop from the 65% of parents who were climbing in their childhood.

A Brief History Of Climbing

I have been doing climbing for ages, and i enjoy it. But when i read that 1-4 kids where obese or overweight, it shocked me! So i came up with the idea to introduce kids to climbing again. But all of a sudden my Dad came up with the idea to build a climbing wall in their scout group. And when the wall was built i was all over it. So I thought to myself "It would be a great idea to build a wall in our yard"

-Ben Willis, Ethan Smith