The Learning Street is perhaps the most complex space we have attempted to makeover. Creating a valuable and effective learning space in the middle of an open unit is a challenging prospect. We have explored multiple visions for this space, and settled on creating an open, bright and collaborative environment on a shoestring budget.

The former desktop computer pod in the middle of The Learning Street.
Students use Sketchup to create 3D renders of their vision for the space

- The Vision -

Our vision for The Learning Street involves removing the mismatched and uninspiring old screens to create a breakout space for partner and small group work with a line of sight from each classroom. The poor light and combined noise from surrounding classes make it less than ideal as a quiet reading nook, our initial design. Instead, it will become a collaborative space with white shiplap corner nooks, high tables, comfy seating and plenty of floor space.

- The Need -

"Our unit, which houses three classes, is a 1970’s relic of open-space planning that we’ve been working against for years. We separate our rooms using cabinets, wall dividers, and bookshelves to reduce noise (P.S. it doesn’t work). We cover windows and block out the abundant natural light from skylights to compensate for dim, antiquated technology like Interactive White Boards that have become dominant teaching walls. The good news is, while many schools are spending big bucks to knock down walls and create flexible spaces; the passage of time has gifted us a ready-made environment with which to work." - Making Sense of Multi-Age Learning, Abe Moore.

We have a real opportunity to create the kind of inspiring and collaborative environment that was invisioned by the schools designers. Creating shared breakout spaces in The Learning Street will help to de-clutter our classrooms and increase the flexibility and appeal of all of our spaces. Removing screens will increase natural light to the space and provide a line of sight across the unit. The is the potential to swap out the old halogen light batons in the space with energy effiecient and far brighter LEDs in the future, and invesitgate different accoustic tiles and dampeners for the high ceilings.

- The Result -