AP Courses

AP Courses

All E-School Advanced Placement (AP) Courses are approved by the College Board and are designed for highly motivated college-bound students who have demonstrated academic achievement, higher order thinking skills, and the ability to work independently.

  • Students will need to devote at least 8-10 hours a week per course.
  • Due to the enormous amount of information to be covered and its level of complexity, AP courses move at a fast pace and are academically rigorous. Students can easily become overwhelmed if they fall behind in their work. Therefore, students must keep up with ALL assignments.
  • Students must actively participate in class by logging into their online AP course on a daily basis (yes, even weekends) and actively participate in weekly online class discussions. AP coursework requires students to work continually and to challenge themselves to work hard and maintain high standards.
  • AP courses rely heavily on college-level texts and outside readings. Students will read and write extensively. There are substantial reading assignments each week.
  • These courses may utilize college-level computer simulations which will require frequent software updates to plug-ins such as Java and Flashplayer.
  • It will be the students' responsibility to learn any topics not covered in class due to time constraints or other extenuating circumstances.
  • All students are highly encouraged to take the AP Exam in May.

Advanced Placement Exam: AP exams are taken at the student's school. Students should see their school AP coordinator to make arrangements to take the appropriate AP exam in May. There is a cost for the exam and students should inquire with their school AP coordinator regarding this amount.

Advanced Placement Science Courses: Face-to-face labs are a required part of the course; attendance is mandatory.

Additional Resources: AP College Board Website http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/Controller.jpf