Greensburg Disc Golf Course

General Information:

  • The Greensburg Disc Golf Course is a 9-hole course, designed for both the beginner and advanced players.

  • H.B. Clark of H.B. Clark Disc Golf Course Designs from Bowling Green, KY was the course architect.

  • The course is primarily nestled in trees, overlooks the Green River and provides breath taking views at every turn.

  • The Greensburg Disc Golf Course is free to the public and can be enjoyed year around.

  • The course and fitness trail is located at 214 Industrial Dr. across from Golden Living/Green Hill Manor Nursing Facility.

Come out, bring your discs and take advantage of our beautiful course!

Free for Public Use!

Course Layout:

Hole 1: 280 Feet

Hole 2: 300 Feet

Hole 3: 335 Feet

Hole 4: 410 Feet

Hole 5: 355 Feet

Hole 6: 185 Feet

Hole 7: 170 Feet

Hole 8: 200 Feet

Hole 9: 205 Feet

Chainbangers League Information:

There has been a fall league created for anyone interested. In the UDisc app you can search for leagues and look for chain bangers Greensburg disc fall. Or email your udisk or PDGA number to to be added to the league.

It has been set up for every Thursday from October 6 to November 24 from 2:30 pm CDT to 6:00 pm with a flex start (meaning you can start a round any time between those hours). No cost to play, just for fun and bragging rights. For any questions, comments, or concerns please contact Thanks!

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