Police Department FAQs

What do I do if I'm a victim of domestic violence?

Please visit the GPD's Domestic Violence Information Page for information on your rights as a victim, how to report a crime, how to obtain an EPO or resources and contacts for abuse crisis lines.

How do I get a copy of an accident report?

To obtain a copy of an accident report (for vehicle accidents), come in to the Police Department at 105 West Hodgenville Avenue or mail a check or money order for five dollars made payable to the Greensburg Police Department, a self-addressed postage-paid envelope, and a paper request which should include as much of the following information as possible:

• date and time of the accident

• location

• persons involved

• accident number (if known)

Can I make a police report any time of day or do I need an appointment?

The Police Department will respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to any requests for police service. Emergency calls should be made to 911. Non-emergency matters may be handled by calling (270) 932-4202.

Can I make a police report over the telephone or does a police officer have to come to my house?

Some reports could be taken over the telephone however it is the policy of the Greensburg Police Department for an Officer to respond to the complainant’s location.

My family and I are going on vacation. Can the police keep an eye on our home while we are gone?

You can call (270) 932-4202 to have your home placed on a "watch list". While the Police Department does not have the manpower to watch your home 24 hours a day, the Officers will check on your property as their call loads permit.

I need Police assistance, but it's not an emergency. Who do I call?

Any criminal or suspicious activities that are not emergencies can be reported to the Greensburg Police Department by calling (270) 932-4202.

Is there an arrest warrant for me or my family member?

This information will not be given over the telephone. This information is only available in person and available to the person in question; an Officer will assist you in this matter at the Police Department.

If I disagree with an officer's traffic accident report, what can I do?

Officers assess each accident on a case by case basis. Officers make a determination as to the contributing factors in the accident, but they DO NOT determine fault. If you disagree with the final accident report, you should contact the officer to discuss your concerns. The officer has the final say in how the report is written. Who pays for damage and other related costs is a matter which must be determined in civil court and/or between insurance companies. You should contact your insurance agent and/or consult an attorney.

I have discovered the insurance information on the accident report is not valid. What can I do?

You may file against the other driver for no insurance by going to the Green County Attorney Office located on South Main Street and completing a complaint form against the other driver. All the information you will need is contained in the accident report.

How do I compliment or complain about a Greensburg Police Officer, Department employee, or police service?

Fill out the Police Feedback Form to let us know how we're doing! You may also call the Greensburg Police Department at 270-932-4202 and ask to speak to the Chief of Police.

How do I dispose of expired or unused prescription medications?

Bring your expired or unused medications to the Greenburg Police Department for proper disposal. Medications are accepted 24 hours a day.

If my keys are locked in my vehicle can the Greensburg Police Department unlock my vehicle?

Yes. With a release of liability from the vehicle owner and payment of a small fee; Greensburg Police Officers may unlock your vehicle.