City Hall

Quick Information:

Mayor: John Shuffett

City Clerk: Kim Darnell

Utility Clerk: Lisa Fields

GIS Coordinator: Rebekah Cowherd

Address: 110 W Court Street

Greensburg, KY. 42743

Phone: 270-932-4298


City Council

The Greensburg City Council has an important job that involves communicating policies and programs to residents, responding to constituent needs and complaints, and representing the community at large.

Your council members are:

  • Alex Taylor

  • Beverly Day

  • Ed Gorin

  • Jerry Cowherd

  • Julie Smyrichinsky

  • Mark Judd

Alex Taylor

Serving since 2022


Jerry Cowherd

Serving since 1999


Beverly Day

Serving since 2023


Julie Smyrichinsky

Serving since 2020


Ed Gorin

Serving since 2022


Mark Judd

Serving since 2023


City Council Meetings

The City Council meets at 5:00 pm (CST) on the second Monday of each month in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 110 W. Court St.

View the City Calendar.

City Council FAQs

Who is the Council Member for my area?

The Greensburg City Council is comprised of six Council Members and a Mayor elected at large. To determine which Council Member is your representative, please contact Greensburg's City Clerk by emailing:

How do I contact a Council Member?

The City Clerk serves as a liaison for contacting Council Members. Contact the City Clerk at:

How can I find out what the City Council will be discussing?

You may access the Current Agenda on the Official Greensburg City Facebook Page for upcoming City Council meetings. This information is posted on Friday prior to the Monday meetings. Free copies of the agenda are also available from the City Clerk's office.

How can I speak in front of the City Council? Do I need to fill out a form?

During the regular monthly meeting citizens may discuss any topic that is on the agenda under the topic "Citizens' Concerns."

Any citizen who wishes to speak at a council meeting will need to complete a form. The form will be reviewed by the City Clerk and the Mayor, before placing the individual on the agenda. All requests must be received by 4:00 pm CST the Wednesday prior to the meeting. Any handouts/flyers to be distributed must be reviewed by the City Clerk and/or Mayor by noon day of the City Council meeting.

Speakers appearing before City Council will not be allowed to:

  • campaign for public office

  • promote private business ventures

  • engage in personal attacks

  • use profanity or vulgar language

***Speakers who violate these rules will be declared out of order and immediately yield the floor and be seated.***

Where can I obtain a Resolution or Ordinance?

Copies of resolutions and ordinances approved by the City Council are available at the City Clerk's office. You can also view some ordinances here.

How do I apply to become a member of a city board or committee?

Fill out a board or committee application and return it to the City Clerk's Office at: